Patchmode: Wayward Beta 1.1.1 Released

With Beta 1.1, the bug list grew quite big. This intermediate version is used as kind of like a “patch”. It doesn’t contain too many new features – just mostly bug fixes and small improvements.

As always you can check out the changelog here:

There is a couple take-away points though, such as:

  • Torch improvements! Torches now have more durability across the board. Torches can now be unlighted and lit once again without being destroyed. Torches now produce a larger radius of light in general. Nighttime and caves are now darker.
  • Swimming to the map edge/borders now places you on the opposite side of the overworld.
  • Hovering over a craft item will now visually show items in your Inventory/Equipment/Quickslots that it uses in the crafting recipe.

You can play it online in the normal place:


Windows, Mac OS and Linux versions available on IndieDB:

NOTE FOR DOWNLOADED VERSION: Your saved game location has now changed. This means, if you run 1.1.1 and have previously run 1.1, your save file will not be used. If you want to use your 1.1 save game in 1.1.1, you will have to manually move it to the new save location which resides in a folder called “save” where ever you extracted/installed Wayward. Depending on your operating system, the old save location is possibly in one of these places:

Windows Vista/7/8:

Windows XP:
Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Local Settings\wayward

Basically, just copy that folder into where you installed/extracted Wayward, and rename it to “save”.

13 thoughts on “Patchmode: Wayward Beta 1.1.1 Released”

  1. I can’t drop ANYTHING now! =O A very big problem to not be able to drop if you go over the weight limit. My game is effectively halted now since I can’t move =(

      • I “fixed” a small piece of code that broke our tiles. That’s what I get for late night coding!

        I’ve pushed the fix, and we just need Vaughn to push them live!

        Hopefully we can get the live fixed in the next couple of hours.



  2. Is that also pushed to the website? I tried it at first, encountered the “can’t drop” bug, stopped, and tried again just now. I still can’t drop.

    • Hey there, just put an update clause in the post up there. If refreshing doesn’t work, you might need to hard refresh/clear cache.

    • I found it refreshed fine in Firefox and Chrome but IE10 on Windows8 didn’t want to. I had to clear cache to get it working there. 🙁

  3. I’ve had some problems with the downloaded 1.1.1 Lost a Leaf Bedroll in an invisible container. I had a spare bedroll in my backpack, moved it out of my backpack into regular inventory and was then moving it to the upper left corner of the inventory window when the container dialog box opened. It went into that unknown container as the only item and when the container window disappeared, so did the bedroll. No chests, sacks etc. in current inventory at the time.

    Play is incredibly slow in comparison to the older version. Every movement after about 30 minutes of gameplay has noticeable lag, like you are swimming or trying to walk heavily loaded constantly.

    While I do like the container idea, I think it does need a spot in equipped items instead of being in inventory.

    I would like to have saplings back. I was having a lot of fun building castles and estates in the older version, now can’t gardens and parks 🙂

    Love the cotton plants and having bones from different creatures makes more sense. I think bears should be worth two pelts as well as the additional food and skulls. As it stands, Giant Rat = Wolf = Bear. I do think Imps should be skinnable. One aesthetic choice is the Giant Rat sprite is larger than the Grey Wolf sprite and I think it should be the other way around.

    • Saplings are there! I swear, they are just a bit harder to see “on top” of the trees. Performance is bad on this version, but shouldn’t be a problem in 1.2. I’m confident that multiple containers in your inventory will work, they just are a bit weird right now (not counting crafts, small weight limit, etc.).

  4. some really nice changes and tweaks in the latest versions, especially with containers (and making bags/backpacks less of a permanent power-up),

    One thing – the 1.1.1 changelog says monster spawning is faster now, Maybe I’m making a connection where there isn’t one, but it seems like fire elementals spawn considerably sooner than they used to, which is a pain, even though they can’t cross over water anymore. I suppose it might just be my imagination.

    I probably missed it if it was mentioned, but do monsters despawn at all? After a certain distance from the player with a dense enough clump of them gathered in one spot, I think the game should thin them out a bit, maybe swap a number of weaker monsters for a single stronger one.

    Also a fanfare should play when you dig up a cave entrance 🙂

  5. I like the hovering over a craftable item feature, but two things:
    Sometimes it doesn’t work.
    I believe it doesn’t show what specifically will use, just all possible items that may be used. For example, in a recipe with sticks, it highlights all sticks, not just the one it is going to use (useful if you have a special pole you want to keep).


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