Coming in Beta 2.0: Gathering Overhaul

Sometimes less options are better, as we’ve come to find out with gathering.

I gave every player the option to gather with any item they wanted. Which lead to confusion and unwanted cases where torches, shields and other valuable items were sacrificed unknowingly. Coming up in 2.0 we will see gathering get an overhaul.

1. “Gather” is now a specific item use. If you do not have a “gathering” item equipped, then you will use your hands. Things like torches and shields do not have gather capabilities.

Gather Use

2. Gathering no longer randomly chooses a hand. If your right hand has a gathering item, it will use that. If not, it looks at your left hand next.

3. There is now a text-based and sound feedback when the tool you are using is effective or not for the certain type of gathering you are performing.

4. There is a new “gathered” message type visible in messages instead of simply “picked up” which was used before.

Gathering Effectiveness

5. Adding an option to gather with a non-equipped item.

Gather in Item Menu

6. A bug was preventing higher tiered tools from benefiting gathering at all (besides durability). Now the attack value, mixed with the effectiveness from each tool will be used as extra chances at gathering. For example, using an Iron Pickaxe (+6 attack) for mining will give you the chance to get up to 8 items from a single gather. If you tried to use that same tool for lumberjacking, it would give 2 chances (it’s not effective for lumberjacking). 2 chances is the base amount for gathering with any tool, which is why the Iron Pickaxe gives 8 (6+2) for mining.

Have any other ideas on how to improve gathering?

13 thoughts on “Coming in Beta 2.0: Gathering Overhaul”

  1. These changes look great so far! A nice addition to the gathering system would be to make the drop system more transparent. Perhaps a similar system to crafting could be used, where upon inspection of an object (e.g. trees, rocks, etc.), a menu could pop up listing all discovered drops from that resource.

    • The attack value of both your weapons were used (halved), but the effectiveness added double the rate. Of course this was partially broken so it never really worked all that great.

  2. why not just auto use item that is most effective for action , withous equiping it all the time .

    also makro or hotbar used specialy for actions like woodcutting fishing etc
    u just input right items , axe pi-axe ,fish-rod, knife etc and it will be used automaticaly once action is performed

    • There’s way too many variables to consider. If you have a Golden/Iron/Wrought Iron Sword in your inventory. That would technically be the most effective at hacking trees. Do you really want to go damaging that? Or what about your axe that has 1 durability left?

      One thing I didn’t mention is the default action for gathering items is now gathering. So equipping them to quickslot/hotbar will allow them to be used for gathering on number press.

      An additional detail with 2.0 is that I am planning on making equipped/quickslotted items not move out of your inventory. So you are able to quickslot and equip items separately.

  3. I think there can be auto-gather option for clicking the action of equipped tool.
    Auto-gather should be pause upon:
    1. Being attacked
    2. Damage from poisoned, bleeding, starving, dehydration
    3. Exhaustion
    4. Change on resource: tree become bare tree and tiles become cave or another tile
    5. Tool need repair 3 > durability
    6. Expect becoming overburdened:
    tree: weight – 0.5
    swamp/ash/coconut: weight – 1
    soil/clay: weight – 2
    rocks/sandstone/gravel/sand: weight – 3
    bare tree: weight – 5

  4. I just want to say this game is a tremendous accomplishment. I know I’m only one voice here, but keep doing what you’re doing because this game is unique and a hell of a lot of fun (if very difficult once you have any success, haha). It’s tough to make a game that’s playable, let alone fun, and this one is both. Kudos, man!


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