Freezing Be Gone!

Some of you may have been experiencing some slow down and freezing with the latest 1.9.2 downloadable copy of Wayward. Rejoice! Porting over to the latest node-webkit has shown both an increase in performance and a stop to all the freezing some people were experiencing. This was only reported for Windows and OS X users, so this update only applies to those two platforms. Unfortunately the new node-webkit crashes Wayward in Linux, so Linux users will have to wait for beta 2.0 or the next node-webkit version if there is indeed some problems. Simply re-download and enjoy!


In other news… well, I plan to talk about some new beta 2.0 information coming up in a later post. For now, check out the new layout for the mods. If you haven’t looked in awhile, there’s some new or newly updated mods by various community members.

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