Beta 2.1.3 Released

Today we have a quite substantial patch ready for ya’ll. We wanted to do one sooner, but we thought we would release something a bit more significant potentially as the last patch in the 2.1.x series. Time to work on some bigger things once again!

There’s a few bugs and improvements that have been sitting on our todo for quite some time, many of which we hope will help ease some new players into the game.

Thanks to all that made your voice heard and helped us out on balancing and finding/reporting any remaining bugs.


  • Fixed an issue where items that decayed/changed into other items (fruit to seeds, or raw meat to rotten meat) did not shift in weight.
  • Fixed items that once had decay no longer are sorted with that decay still set (with sort by decay).
  • Fixed an “undefined” message when getting a status effect from a doodad.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when trying to repair wooden doors.
  • Fixed a bug that made aberrant monsters scared. Aberrant monsters should never be scared unless they are low health.
  • Fixed the build version not outputting in console for Mac OS X.
  • Fixed an issue where desert templates could spawn in to too close to sea water.
  • Fixed a bug that would stop a highlight (from Starter Quest/hints) prematurely if more than one called.
  • Fixed an issue where the daily challenge hint was not showing up when going to Daily Challenge.
  • Fixed an issue where scrollbars could shift item positions on certain sizes of inventory/containers/equipment/crafting windows.
  • Fixed an issue where skill in parrying would actually increase burn damage instead of reduce it.
  • Fixed a bug where you could open a context menu while the game was loading.
  • Fixed a bug where you would not earn the gatherer milestone unless you were using an ineffective tool for gathering.


  • Monsters have a slightly higher chance to lose interest.
  • Reduced weight of limestone, talc, sharp rocks and knifes slightly.
  • Abandoned house templates now have a higher chance to have missing walls/floors/etc.
  • Reduced max damage and increased max health of claw worms.
  • Doubled raft durability.
  • Re-balanced stoke fire values to make more sense with dismantling (all items equal up to their base items).
  • Slight malignity skill tweaks. Decreased malignity slightly for anatomy, parrying, tinkering and woodworking. Increased malignity on tactics, and very slightly on mining and lumberjacking.


  • Wooden poles can now be used to stoke fire.
  • Corrected how single walls would show up as a single vertical columns instead of horizontal walls.
  • Starter Quests now have a back button for going back a quest and skip button if you have already done the quest (saved across all saves).
  • Increased the opacity of non-craftable items. They are now slightly grayed out as well.
  • The corpse carving hint will no longer show for blood.
  • When the Steam overlay is off, mods/link navigation is now done using your default browser instead of the internal one.
  • Improved default dialog positions and sizes.
  • Collecting doodads will now log what you have received in your inventory if returning more than one item.
  • Tweaked the sandstone pond template to make more geological sense. Fresh water is now contained inside.
  • The monument and raft templates now no longer have a chance to be degraded (missing tiles).
  • Improved color accuracy on many particles.
  • Renamed “Collect Object” to “Collect Object With Hands” for less confusion.
  • Tweaked some inspection text to mention the new world tool-tips in hints.
  • Fixed some tiepoz and tweaked a few lines in Starter Quest.
  • You will now always spawn with a wooden pole (to unlock necessary starter crafts and information).
  • Tweaked wording on wooden poles to mention coming from branches/logs.


  • All doodads have unique particle colors and will show on gather/trample.

2 thoughts on “Beta 2.1.3 Released”

  1. Is the wooden pole bugged ? I collected a lot of branches but I can’t make any poles… only bone ones if I get a bone at the start of the game. Please advise.

    • You can now get wooden poles by dismantling branches. They will give stripped bark, wooden poles, twigs, and leaves now (instead of just one of those things).


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