Beta 2.1.2 Released

Here’s another quicker, smaller patch tweaking a few things including weights which has been a new struggle for some players since beta 2.1.

We’ve also identified the issue with the game not wanting to run on some Windows 7 machines. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to single out which Windows 7 configurations are affected, so we have applied the fix to all Windows 7 installs which will disable the Steam overlay (the thing that was crashing the game). If you were on Windows 7 and were not effected by the issue and want the overlay back, you can overwrite this change by¬†opening/editing the file “launch_options.json” in your Steam’s Wayward folder and changing the following line:

"inProcessGpu": false,


"inProcessGpu": true,

If you are still crashing, please make sure your inProcessGpu is set to false as mentioned above. We’ll look into the future possibility of bringing this back/fixing it, although, upon some research, the Steam overlay is not even technically supported by Valve on our technology platform. So, ya, there’s that…

On with the changelog:


  • Disabled the Steam overlay on all Windows 7 machines which crashed the game for many users, read the statement above for more information.
  • Fixed blank world tool-tips appearing on occasion when moving.


  • The highlight effect that shows up from the Starter Quest and the help/hint dialog now disables itself after 10 seconds.
  • Wooden poles are no longer mentioned as craftable in the Starter Quest.
  • Saltpeter is now in the “powder” grouping.


  • Many weights have been reduced including: all powders, all fired clay items, clay flakes, sharp glass, stone knifes, pemmican, and sharpened rocks. This will only be applied to new items.
  • Containers now reduce 50% of item weight instead of 25%.
  • Increased health and base defense for krakens.
  • Decreased maximum attack value for drakes.
  • Decreased base defense for acid spitter demons.
  • Reduced player weight bonus very slightly (still above what it was in 2.0.x) to help balance rest of weight changes.
  • You can now only add so much fuel to torches (previously unlimited) and is based on the torch type.


  • The build version is now logged in the console/logs (useful for those playing on the developer branch).


  • [Argus] You can now see the argus item equipped to your hands.

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