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    So, I have been playing this game for a couple days now and I was excited when decoding my treasure maps lead to a message other than “you are no where near the treasure”. Today I explored around checking my map periodically until I found a place where it told me I am in the “exact location” of the treasure. So I went and got my shovel and came back. However, after digging in that “exact location” about 30 times I still keep bringing up dirt and earthworms. Is this a bug, or am I missing something? Thanks in advance-


    I know it’s a bit counter-intuitive but, just decode the map when you are facing the exact tile. It will automatically dig it up (with shovel).


    Oh, so I should keep walking around the area decoding the map until I come across the right spot? I don’t have to manually dig for it?


    Yep! In the future, I will also allow the shovel to be used for this, and maybe depending on your Mining skill, also allow you to dig within a radius of the spot.


    Hello and thank you for this amazing game ! (I don’t know if I should thank you, because my work is affected by my pixel addiction ^^ )

    Anyway, I’ve found one of those maps, but it’s a bit blurry in my mind. The black dots appearing on the minimap, are they relevant? Because the area covered is really big and including mountains, water and tree. Are we supposed to clear all of these elements before starting to search?


    The black dots are just based on your lack of skill in cartography. The higher your skill, the less obscured the map will become. The red point on the map (middle) is where the treasure is. You’ll need to find that point in your world – this may take some time and lots of exploration.


    Is there a known bug for digging treasure? I have decoded a map and found exactly where the green dot is in the center. No amount of using the map or a shovel in that exact spot or any spot within 10 spaces around it gives anything. Also, is the dot supposed to be red like you mention above? I’m playing 1.8.2


    You need to be next to and facing the green dot when you decode to map to spawn the chest. Standing on the dot will not work. If it is in water, you need to have a fishing net. Hope you can find your treasure!


    Hello. Could you check if there’s a bug with the digging of the treasure? Because I had previously dug out treasures before decoding the map with no problem, but now I somehow can’t. It seems you made some changes to the game in this past few days I’ve been away and I was wondering if there is a bug now or if there is another new other technique with which one digs out treasures.


    Nevermind. Found it.


    I’m curious whether a bug may have been introduced in 1.9 on this. The last two maps I’ve gotten I’ve dug extensively at the marked tile and to some degree all around it. Then I found this thread and tried decoding the map while facing the marked tile. Neither approach seems to work. Do I need to have the shovel equipped? Is there something else special I’m supposed to be doing? I had no trouble getting treasure out of the water but it doesn’t seem to work so well on land.

    I’ve had no such troubles on previous versions of the game, incidentally. I’m wondering if there might be some conflict when a map indicates a forested tile.


    Just to make sure, did you left click your shovel and clicked “Gather Treasure” right after decoding the map, and top right console says “You’re exactly in the right location…” (not sure with how that sentence is exactly written, but somewhere along those lines) while the minimap now shows a green pixel in place of a red pixel?


    Grr, “gather treasure” it was. Sorry about that, it’s a bit of a change from previous versions of the game.

    Thanks letsjustplaythisgame!


    No problem wysinwyw, glad to help. Enjoy!


    What happens if my map gets destroyed?

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