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    Hello everyone!
    I had a chance over the weekend to really sit down and try my hand at Wayward. I had played it on and off, not quite getting the hang of things, until just yesterday. Of course, blown away! An absolutely fantastic game that I cannot wait to play more and recommend to friends.

    While playing I did come across a few irregularities that may or may not be bugs. As I don’t have a full comprehension of the game, it’s possible I misunderstand things, but I’ll bring them to light anyway.

    – Item layers can be screwy. If you kill a mob on a water tile you cannot gather water because the blood is in the way. I later found out I can “destroy” blood by using a shovel on it; not sure if this is intended behaviour or not, but without knowing that, the water becomes inaccessible for a time.
    – When you start a new game and you retain recipes, the “Solar Still” appears to duplicate. I now have 4 Solar Stills in my crafting table which are identical. Unsure if they all work or if just cosmetic as I’ve never had the glass to craft one.
    – The game treats in-game windows strangely with multiple monitors. I had the UI set up one way, and when I moved the game to another monitor, the in-game windows shifted half-way to the left. I’ll get screenshots if desired; it’s not a major problem or anything, just an interesting find.
    – I read in the changelog that “Environmental items are now damaged when dug/carved back up. If they reach 0 durability, you can no longer use them in that context.” I had placed a Campfire that had 1 durability onto the ground; I had used it a multitude of times and picked it up in order to place cobble flooring under it, the campfire then had -1/5 durability disallowing me to replace it or even repair it. I imagine it’s not supposed to go negative durability. Also, wouldn’t a 0 durability item become destroyed?
    – Shooting a bow with no arrows gives the message “undefined.”
    – Maybe not really a “bug” (and actually pretty useful) but fertilized crops can grow on the other side of walls. My house was getting invaded by crops until I put flooring down, haha.

    I hope this is helpful and the correct outlet for giving this information!
    Until next time, cheers!


    Thanks for playing and the bug reports!

    1. Noted, will add point to the todo.
    2. Known bug, will be fixed in next weekly (or version).
    3. The windows/dialogs will always shift to be “in-screen”.
    4. Known issue, will hopefully find a way to address this coming up.
    5. Yikes, will look into!
    6. Known kind-of-bug, but a fix will be a little more complicated/further down the road kind of thing.


    i cant craft stripped bark with spawned sharp stone and gathered branches. it errors when i succeed from the look of it.
    console log below.

    i tryed again with a crafted stone axe and had the same results
    *done edit*
    same with wooden pole and spear and i get talent but no item creation so i think either the crafting system or the branches are buggy
    *done 4 now*
    *final edit*
    same issue with crafting sharp rock both with spawned and gathered rocks so something is buggy with crafting after skill gain and before item edits. (add remove items as appropriate)
    *done final edit*

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    I can’t seem to get 1.7.2 to work with either a new game or a save file. I can see my hud but the screen is black.


    Hey there JamesIII,

    I loaded Part 7 with no issues on this end. Mind sending me your current save to see what’s up?


    All better now it would seem. I wonder why it was doing that though. Thanks for the response.


    Hello everyone!

    I have found a bug with the backpack where it will bug and wont let u take items out of it all it does is become a thing that has weight in it based on what you’re carrying


    When you hover over the item in the bag do you get an error message in the ‘messages’ pane? I think I had experienced this too. The bag functioned until I put cooked meat in it that had less than full durability (due to failing to cook).

    Not sure if that’s the cause, though.



    I’ve found a bug with blindfish (the fishes in caves). I managed to corner one in a hook and upon attacking it I got a message that I killed it, then “An error has occured” or something. The fish did not die, but each attack it “dropped” a raw blindfish item. Repeatedly attacking I also kept picking up the cuts while also killing it (eg. endless fish).
    Could be the same with trouts, I never managed to get close to one.

    Also not really a bug but in my very first game I started on a group of small islands with absolutely no rocks. And unless you know that a shovel is very important (which no one would think, honestly) its highly unlikely you will use your 2 rocks to craft one. In short, I had no way to craft or even get food once my stone knife wore out. So maybe there could be a way to sharpen a piece of wood to prevent such dead ends?


    @Inverted Thanks for the bug reports.

    As of 1.7.2 Sandstone should now also produce Shale on normal resource gathering which should help you greatly in the rock department. Sandstone itself is also now considered a rock-like so there should be no issues there (change in 1.7 I believe).


    Nice. Even though in my case I had no sandstone either. But now I know it’s a bit extreme to start out like that.

    Details on the backpack bug, if it’s still an issue: I could open it, sort it, add thing to it, but if I hovered over anything inside I got “An error has occurred.” message, and no info box was shown about the item. I also could not remove items (by dragging, r-clicking or choosing remove one/all).
    It is surely not connected to decay cause I had only minerals and cobble flooring in it. Also just as a test I made a bag, and it had the same bug.
    Then I simply reloaded the game and everything worked fine again. Later could not reproduce it.


    @Inverted Yep! That’s the issue we are having. We can’t make the error happen on purpose.


    How you I find a list of all the changeTile variables? Also, what is the new format for spawning a certain monster, the old format doesn’t seem to work.



    changeTile(change, changeX, changeY, stackBypass)

    change: String of tiletype.
    changeX: X coordinates of changed tile
    changeY: Y coordinates of changed tile
    stackBypass: Can use: true, false, or not set. If set to true, it will ignore any stack of tiles on that location, and overwrite them all.

    changeTile(‘dirt’, 250, 250, true);

    To get a listing of all tiletypes, type ’tiletypes’ without quotes into your console.

    spawnMonster(monsterType, x, y, bypass)

    monsterType: String of monster type.
    x: X coordinates of spawn.
    y: Y coordinates of spawn.
    bypass: Can be: true, false, or not set. If set to true, it will spawn the monster even if it shouldn’t be spawned there (wrong tile, over monster, over player, etc.).

    spawnMonster(‘harpy’, player.x+2, player.y+2, true);

    To get a listing of all monster types, type ‘npcs’ without quotes in your console.


    I was playing the 1.7 online version yesterday and i decided that i would dig to the white stuff in the middle of mountains… Anyways i found out that it was snow and i clicked pour on accident and my game bugged out saying that there’s an error so i just exited out. So i went to play today and its still bugged i see all my items and stats but behind them is the start-up screen. 🙁

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