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    I actually changed this again. :/ the first attribute is an object like what I used for item passing.

    So changeTile({type:'dirt'}, xLocation, yLocation, false); Is the minimum requirement.

    You can add strength properties, mindur, maxdur to the tile object prior to passing it into changeTile.

    Currently giving a tile a preset min/max durability only does something if it’s a wall, floor or door.

    if StackTiles is set to true it stacks the tile on top of the current tile. if false it overwrites the tile at that location.

    So the tile object that can be passed in looks like the following.

    tile: {
        type: 'tiletype',
        strength: integer,
        maxdur: integer,
        mindur: integer <= maxdur,

    Hope that helps.


    @KageWraith Yikes! What a bug! Which browser are you using? Here’s a fix for that though. Load up the page and paste this in your console:

    var playerFix = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('player'));
    for (var i in playerFix.invItems) {
        if (!playerFix.invItems[i].type) {
            playerFix.invItems[i].type = "pileofsnow";
    localStorage.setItem('player', JSON.stringify(playerFix));

    Then start the game normally!


    Hello, Vaughn, it’s Clive, the guy who emailed you a couple weeks ago about making a video on your game wayward. While I made the video, I came across 2 errors that appeared.
    The first: I was trying to get twigs, then noticed there was a recipe to make them. When I clicked on it to make them, it crafted the twigs but then popped up with “An Error has occurred” followed by the hint pop-up box saying “You’ve found a bug”. I’m not sure what the bug is and I’ve no idea how to locate it in the downloaded.
    The second one has already been addressed, although it isn’t just the Solar Still crafting recipe that had duplicated. The Stone Water Still also duplicated.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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