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    Howdy Vaughn & Team,

    Tonight I had a successful play-through of Wayward weekly build 1.7.3 in front of a live audience on Twitch.TV; I hope it raises awareness of Wayward and sends some more players and testers your way!

    I would like to provide details on issues discovered and feedback received.

    – The filters no longer function to sort either Inventory or Crafting.
    – The Solar Still still duplicates in the inventory

    – Hobgoblins can place snares, yet will walk into them?
    – Digging beside a water source creates a water source (May not be a bug but is easily abused)
    – Digging a hole makes it vanish (May not be a bug)
    – An open fire (One created not on a campfire) can cook food (May not be a bug; however I recall the Campfire had a pole-like in its crafting to emulate the rotisserie)
    – Pouring water on open fire doesn’t do anything (May not be a bug; just logically should put out the fire, or weaken it)

    – Why do mobs not fight one another?
    – The lighting effects from torches/environmental items seem weak (Though this may be intended).
    – Could a torch be lit from other flame sources, including another lit torch?
    – Saplings now come from trees, though the drop rate seems low. Levelling a forest only granted me two saplings. (Do trees spread like plants but at a slower rate?)
    – A way to “lock” an item to prevent it from being used in a recipe or as a tool? (Ie: Lock a Sword from being a ‘Sharp’ tool; Lock an enhanced material from being used; Prevent an equipped item from being used as a tool on the environment, etc.)
    – Likely a pipe-dream, but chained recipe creation? (Ex: A Hammer is Rock, Pole & String. Currently one must craft and have these available before the Hammer can be built. Chained-Recipe would allow the player to simply click on the Hammer to be crafted as long as it had the necessary resources to make all of the base-elements as well. Ie: ‘Hammer’ could be crafted if the user has 3 Branches and a rock because two branches can make striped bark which then make string. It would tick-through the crafting process making each prerequisite item until the final item is crafted; also assumes they have the necessary tools too (but not build them if they don’t exist, that’s just crazy))

    Thanks again for making a fantastic game! I’ll continue bug testing as new builds come out because I’m absolutely addicted!


    Hello everyone,
    Here are some comments on 1.7.3.
    – the spyglass behaves strangely near the border of the map. when using it at a fixed number of steps from the border, it displays the present map (instead of an all blue sea).
    – some minor quirks with articles in messages, sometimes badly capitalised (“you picked up A Branch”), sometimes should not be present (“you hit A Kraken for 11 damage with your An Iron Pick-Axe!”

    – backpack containers do not behave as wooden coffers, and it’s counter intuiitive: when a backpack is opened, one would expect right-clicking on an item from the inventory to move that item in the backpack, and instead it drops the item in front of the player.
    – with the tremendous speed gain in this version, sometimes the player moves twice with what is intended as only one key hit.
    – dark items are barely visible over the new black background in inventory: spiders, carbon powder, wrought iron objects…
    – laying down sand over deep sea creates a sand tile as if floating on top of deep sea: If then one dig the sand back, the deep sea tile reappears. (one would expect the sand to fall down in deep sea and either disappear, or lower the sea depth)
    – the fire drill (fire plough, etc.) description says that its use “may require” kindling, tinder and fuel “depending on the circumstances”, yet it seems it always require all three of them for lighting fire?

    I don’t seem to gather treasures at all. I found location of all the maps I obtained, and opened each locked chests (with treasure guardians), but in none of them were golden items, and I cannot travel with the bull boat.

    That’s all I can think of for now. Thanks for fixing previous bugs, and thanks for this great game!


    @SpazMan777 Thanks for the bug reports, comments, and for the stream!

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t reproduce those bugs at all, but I’ll keep looking. I noticed them on your stream so they do exist!

    1. Hobgoblins are pretty stupid… haha.
    2. This will change in a future patch a bit.
    3. Intended.
    4. Good point!
    5. Bug!

    1. On the todo!
    2. May be changed in the future; however, if you equip 2 light objects, it doubles the effect for now.
    3. Good idea!
    4. Noted!
    5. Good idea, but adding it to your quickslot, equipment or moving it to the end of your inventory should achieve a similar result.
    6. Good idea!


    @amozart Thanks!

    1. Added to todo!
    2. Good point, will look into options for fixing this.

    1. Right clicking on an item will always drop it in front of you, so I’m not sure how it would be counter-intuitive. Right clicking an item will move an item into a wooden chest because you are literally dropping it in front of you, into the chest.
    2. Will look into. I didn’t realize it made that big of a difference.
    3. This should not be an issue if you hover over the dialog? Will improve though.
    4. Good point!
    5. Not if you try to start a fire on a tree 🙂
    6. Treasure is sometimes rare, will look into balancing this.


    It seems like 1.7.3 wants me dead…I’m liking the monster balances, the struggle to just exist has finally returned.


    I had full iron and transmorgified armor and swam through a cave lake. Suddenly I’m at 900+ carrying weight. Using a calculator I add up everything I was carrying and it came up to only 67.5. When I managed to drag myself back to my lair and dumped everything out it glitched and my inventory showed 900+ lbs of rotten meat that appeared out of no where. Trying to dump it killed me so I lost all the armor and all the work I had put in.

    Is this some strange result of swimming in a cave lake? Or just a glitch? My spyglass never worked nor did my solar stills.

    Thanks! Love the game.


    @Mystaleo Yikes, that is very weird. I heard a similar instance of invisible rotten meat coming after a rafting trip. I am assuming there was a bunch of rotten meat sitting in a chest or bag or ground somewhere that somehow got to your inventory… but I’ll check on this.


    Lol, it was a lot of rotten meat and I didn’t open any chests or bags other than the one I carried.



    Did you at any point in your game put that amount of meat into a bag, chest, or ground for it to show up in your inventory at a later point?


    No, I’ve never seen this much rotten meat in all the many hours of playing the game. It was literally 900+ lbs of rotten meat. I had to scroll pretty far down my inventory to find the bottom. At the time I had no rotten meat at all on me. At first I thought you had added a buff that after swimming you weighed more because you were wet. I had about 68 lbs in my inventory and swam through a cave lake. Suddenly it said I had 96 lbs on me but there was nothing new in my inventory or backpack. I managed to drag myself back to base and dumped my inventory all around me. Immediately afterwards it said I had over 900 lbs on me and it increased if I moved to over 1000 lbs. When I opened my inventory it was nothing but rotten meat. I couldn’t dump it out since it would fill the ground around me and so I moved and died.


    Now all the chests I find from maps are empty. They are not locked and they are empty.


    I got seven solar still recipes stacked and seven stone water still recipes. When do such bugs usually get fixed? It isn’t game breaking, but with every dead character one recipe adds, and as I am very new to this game I would guess this might get cluttered, soon 😉


    I’ve got recipes stacking as well.

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