Wayward Island Kingdom

By: JamesIII

While this is not technically a mod (it’s a save game), the world JamesIII has formed and created provides hours of exploration fun. Download these and load them with Save/Load from File.

Read more about these save games and descriptions for each on the forum. Some older saves will only work with older game versions.

Wayward Island Kingdom 15: Thalassophobia (1.9.1)

Welcome to the next installment of Wayward Island Kingdom. This release will showcase some simple gathering quests and has a few rules to make things interesting. You are asked not to venture past shallow water until you locate the raft and gold. Destroy sandstone rock to follow the intended path and find treasure on the wayward island. You should be able to collect all items and reach the end of this game without any crafting. The quests are broken into Primary and Bonus Categories. Only the Primary quests must be completed before you may use the raft. Pat yourself on the back if you can complete all of the bonus quests as well. The same items can be used in multiple quest counts.


Basic Tools: Locate the bow, the stone axe, the stone shovel, and the stone hammer.
Suit Up: Locate gloves, a helm, a gorget, a chest, a belt, leggings, boots, a shield, and a boat paddle.
Amber Hunt: Locate 6 pieces of amber.


The Lesson: Locate 10 instructional scrolls.
Stone Cold Killer: Locate 7 stone knifes (no cheating).
The Dueces: Locate 2 stone hammers, 2 corded slings, 2 iron ore, 2 limestone, and 2 talc.
Scavenger Hunt: Locate the thistle seeds, a rope, a sundial, some sharp glass, a red mushroom, and some cotton fabric.

Once you complete all quests, raft to the boat with black sails and claim your prizes. For a final quest, locate all 5 treasures on the maps from the boat.

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By: JamesIII

Updated By: AndyDemon/Vaughn. The new version also includes the features from original version of EzEdit (including monster spawning).

Loads the following mods and “cheats” all at the same time:

  • Save/Load from File
  • Show World Map Cheat
  • House spawning
  • Water tile spawning
  • Item spawning
  • Monster spawning

Works On: Beta 1.9+
Download Mod

Myrk created an add-on to this mod that works in tandem with EzEdit2 or as a stand-alone mod. It adds in “instant miracle” which restores all your stats, and giving tree bark (instead of string in EzEdit2).

Works On: Beta 1.9+
Download Mod