By: JamesIII

Updated By: AndyDemon/Vaughn. The new version also includes the features from original version of EzEdit (including monster spawning).

Loads the following mods and “cheats” all at the same time:

  • Save/Load from File
  • Show World Map Cheat
  • House spawning
  • Water tile spawning
  • Item spawning
  • Monster spawning

Works On: Beta 1.9+
Download Mod

Myrk created an add-on to this mod that works in tandem with EzEdit2 or as a stand-alone mod. It adds in “instant miracle” which restores all your stats, and giving tree bark (instead of string in EzEdit2).

Works On: Beta 1.9+
Download Mod

7 thoughts on “EzEdit2”

  1. best mod to survive >>>>>best>>>>>>best>>>>>>u rock oh>>and ill donate later when they make a button that says lvl 100000….


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