Wayward Developer Log #11 + Newsletter Updates

Beta 2.0 Progress Video

I do that thing I do and ramble on about the upcoming beta 2.0 changes.

You can view the full beta 2.0 changelog here.


Many of you have probably noticed a subscribe option on the site when commenting or registering. I was eventually going to use this feature to mail out announcements and the like.

Unbeknownst to me, this wasn’t actually saving any data, so it looks like we are going to start over. If you want to keep in the know on everything Unlok and Wayward, then you can head on over here to subscribe:

9 thoughts on “Wayward Developer Log #11 + Newsletter Updates”

  1. Why does there have to be monsters/zombies talking rocks, and other weird stuff? This game is awesome. So good in fact that I keep playing it, even though I’m a simulation type player, which is what allured me to the game because it’s very well balanced. I just really hate all the weird stuff developers put in games thinking it makes the game more enjoyable. I understand the obsession millennials and other little kids have with zombies and weird stuff but putting them in this type of game especially the way everything else is created is kind of sad to see. I think the older graphics are better I love the Zelda look. I think if instead focusing on the graphics and adding monsters you focused on adding even more depth, deeper craft system, maybe have it multiplayer man there’s so much foundation this game has going for it I’d hate to see it go nowhere.

    • You’re entitled to your opinions, but I don’t agree with you on many of your points. Wayward is a low fantasy game, and has been that way from the start. That won’t change. The “weird” stuff is an extension of that original vision, and throwback to games that inspired me such as Ultima. It has nothing to do with what makes it “enjoyable”, it’s just the genre I decided to go with. Focus on the project is given to every aspect, and not limited to monsters and graphics as you infer. Depth and simulation are important parts as well.

      That being said, there is no doubt a minority of players that would enjoy a more pure survival experience, which is why 2.0 will be fully modable where players can craft the experience they want or that they want to share. It would be fairly trivial to remove the fantasy elements of the game.

  2. Alright I do respect the way you want to take the game. I didn’t know the reason you put fantasy elements into the game was because you were creating a game based off the games you used to play. I figured it was to appeal to people who think a game with monsters and zombies is better than a simulation style game. Is it possible for you to keep the 1.9.2 version with the graphics and all to still be playable for those that don’t want the 2.0? It just seems more like a realistic environment than the 2.0 but it would be great if you could keep the Zelda look as an option. Also that would be awesome if there was an option like “simulator option” vs “fantasy option”. I’ve been hyping your game up a lot and without all the other stuff I think it would be my favorite game to play of all time lol.

    • 1.9.2 will stick around for sure, yep. As for including the older tileset and simulator options in the base game, it would be pretty low on the priority list unless there was a huge group of people that wanted it. Or perhaps somebody else will do the work and create those mods. I’m happy to change and mold the game based on a majority opinion, so if those ideas get requested an inordinate amount, then for sure!

  3. I agree with the 1.9.2 tileset. I love you game, absolutely. But when I saw the new tileset for 2.0 I was a little sad. Not that I don’t appreciate the old school look. But one of my favorite aspects about your game when I started playing was the look of it. So it would be. Cool to be able to update it while keeping the 1.9.2 tileset.


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