Wayward Developer Log #10 – Beta 2.0 Progress

Umm (lol), wow, it’s been awhile. Here’s the much requested developer log #10. I go over a lot of the upcoming changes in beta 2.0. I miss a few things as usual, but you should get the idea. A lot is changing!

Special shout-outs to Sassafrass, Spacetech and Goaticide!

Follow Wayward’s progress live as I develop on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/drathy

8 thoughts on “Wayward Developer Log #10 – Beta 2.0 Progress”

  1. I’ve said this on twitter before but I want to say it again, It’s so beautiful!

    The graphics overhaul is amazing and I can’t wait for the 100%, the pokemonesque walking, torch lighting, smoother LOS, jumping!, encumbered state, that max zoom out!(made me “aww” when you said it won’t be part of the actual game. lol), save slots, highscores, new milestones, equipment and quickslot no longer entirely separate from the inventory, pre-grown plant stage. Ahh! So many amazing stuff for Wayward Beta 2.0.

    A few questions:
    1. Some of the milestones were -1/#, specifically the Doctor Milestone. Why is that?
    2. Can you jump while swimming in the water? Can you jump over fences and chests too? Cause that would be amazing.

    I was contemplating on leaving this comment in the actual video’s youtube page, but I figured since this is where you actually posted the video might as well post it here. I would definitely try and catch a stream of yours Drathy. I was able to jump in a few times before but couldn’t stay long so I didn’t say hi. Sorry!

    I utterly love this game of yours. I first played Wayward 1.9.1, played that for hours on end! You may not believe this but I was the one who reported the drop-item-while-holding-another-item-on-cursor-dupe bug. Sadly I forgot my password on that account.

    Anyhow, I am very sorry for this very long post, I’ll try my best to keep up with the development and not forget my password on this account too. Cheers!

    • Thanks for the comment!

      1. I noticed that but decided I already showed off enough bugs for one video, so I didn’t mention it, haha. I’m not sure yet, but will look at it soon.

      2. You can jump into water, and out of water, but not while in water into other water. I thought that was the most logical way to implement it. While typing this, I also realized I should probably disable jumping over certain tall/big monsters.

      Yep, I remember that bug well, it was fun to play with it, before squashing it!

  2. Great new graphics. You still need a cheat menu though 😀 If you ever put in the bazooka or airplane I want to be able to get it with the cheat menu and not have to make a furnace and iron and then and engine etc. Also it would be fun to have a fireball shooting mode. Maybe even have a rare fireball flower like in Super Mario.

    • Good news! I recently added a admin/debug menu so it will be coming in 2.0! I’ll do another blog/video soon showcasing some other new stuff.

  3. I greatly think you should add multiplayer because it would be really fun and add much more to the gameplay experience of the game. I greatly hope you add this dude!


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