Wayward Beta 1.9.1 Released!

Beta 1.9.1 Promo

This month we have another significant patch to the beta 1.9 series. I think there will be another couple of these as we continue patching and adding new features up until the bigger/huge changes coming up in beta 2.0. This one includes the long awaited inclusion of chicken farming. It’s a bit rudimentary at the moment, but some simulation is there in terms of hatching and egg laying. Eventually, we will see this applied to other animals as well as adding young and male/female counterparts for increased depth and simulation.

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Mac OS X (10.7+) (Mirror #1) (Mirror #2)

Those players also being annoyed at the outdated and messy wiki can now rejoice and take a gander at the brand new documentation that will automatically update as Wayward does. As always, read all the changes below:


Fixed a bug where:

  • Multiple errors could be triggered when using a container that was in the first slot in your inventory.
  • A typo that caused some creatures not being able to spawn on shallow sea water.
  • Plant Roots was spelled “plant Roots”.
  • Fire decay rate status was not being calculated per type, so furnaces for example would always be raging to start and last for a long time. The message is now more accurate.
  • You could duplicate items by holding an item in your cursor and picking an item up.
  • Sounds would sometimes not play properly in the offline, downloadable version.


  • Decode verbiage changed to make more sense with gather treasure changes.
  • Aberrant Living Mushrooms now drop/carve into Red Mushrooms instead of the normal white mushrooms.
  • Living Mushrooms no longer bleed.
  • Removed attack from actions as it caused issues with timing/turns and there’s no option to disable auto attack anyway, so it was confusing/unnecessary.
  • The Bull Boat no longer requires treasure, and no longer has a “win” state applied to it – it can now simply be used to travel to a new world.
  • A new, more advanced boat has been included to replace the old Bull Boat’s functionality.
  • Ammo and fire consumables (tinder, kindling, etc.) will now be checked throughout all containers in player’s inventory, not just those that are equipped.
  • Chickens now longer spawn by default, they have been added to a higher tier.
  • The container menu/window will now display the name of the container that is currently open.
  • Slowed down plant spreading chance by around 75%.
  • Speed up fire spreading chance by around 25%.
  • Blood removal now has a custom message and no longer loops as a second action.
  • Plants may now randomly, and rarely spontaneously grow (not just from spreading from another as previous).
  • Performance of the offline, downloadable version should be improved a bit.


  • Complete documentation and hint/help guide added. Caution: heavy spoilers! Let me know if you can see any improvements to be made on this.
  • Added unique corpses to aberrant creatures.
  • A few new items and item uses added.
  • Eggs have been added and can now hatch into chickens, or be laid by chickens.
  • Help and donation buttons added to the main menu.


  • spawnMonster now has an extra parameter for forcing aberrant status.

7 thoughts on “Wayward Beta 1.9.1 Released!”

  1. Awesome 1.9.1! Best news I’ve gotten today, I will definitely try this version out as soon as possible then check back with you guys if I encounter anything unusual. Thanks for all the hard work!

  2. This game just keeps getting better and better 🙂 Glad to see plant spawn rates reduced. I was creating giant patches of cotton with just two or three plants and some compost. I could make 15 bandages in one night if i was diligent.

  3. um i hate being a dick but i think the complete documentation could be more detailed regarding the properties of items when thrown. I’ve noticed for instance that sharpened glass has a different damage type than a stone knife or sharp rock.

    • Good idea! Will add to the todo. A quick and easy guide is if the item has a Damage Type, then it will use that damage type, otherwise, it will be blunt damage.

  4. Im havin’ a little problem here…. i just can’t start the game, the window appear for like 0.5 sec but then dissapear. help?


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