Screenshot Saturday: Line of Sight

This week we have been playing with line of sight. With the inclusion of fullscreen display, we find players can now see unrealistically out of view to a point where it’s kind of ridiculous. It also ruins some gameplay elements like being able to avoid monsters incredibly easy or seeing every resource in one view – it kind of destroys some immersion and exploration, a pretty integral part of Wayward.

While line of sight fixes this to an extent, adding back in that precious immersion, it also adds in another element: atmosphere with a hint of eeriness. Each tile has a line of sight flag. For example, you can’t see past trees or rocks, but you can see through bare trees just fine.

You may also notice something different about forests in this shot. They are much easier to navigate through, bare trees are more common and the forest floor is now peppered with saplings.

Line of Sight

13 thoughts on “Screenshot Saturday: Line of Sight”

  1. I love this game but, to me this line of sight thing takes out a large part and the full screen could just be removed making a much more traditional map. Don’t see any saplings either!

    • The full screen could be removed making it a traditional map? Not really sure what you are talking about here.

      If there’s enough people against line of sight, it’s a very easy mod to remove it. I guess we’ll see, but many of my favorite roguelikes include it such as Doom, the Roguelike and Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

  2. I don’t mind the LoS being added I just think that adding in the big black blocky areas really detracts from how the game looks. If there were a way to implement the LoS with out making it stand out as it does in the screenshot I’d be all for it.

  3. I just feel the blacked out line of sight is aesthetically unappealing, I understand the purpose though, what about more of a “fog of war” style where it is blacked out until you explore it and then after you leave the area it goes to a slightly darkened out view. where you could still see trees and other statics, but enemies are invisible.

  4. I like it. I thought it was kind of weird that I could see all the ores throughout the mountains/caves without mining through them, for instance.

    For what my opinion matters, I don’t mind the “black out what you can’t see” as in the screenshot, but I was thinking the “fog of war” idea would be good too. You remember what you’ve seen, but it’s dimmed or grayed out when not in line of sight, and you won’t notice any changes until it’s back in line of sight.

    Either way, I like it!

  5. +1 for the “fog of war” style. I think I would find the constantly-moving blacked-out bits really distracting while walking.

    • It’d be silly to do line of sight over fog of war in a game where you move one full tile each time!!

      +1 for fog of war instead of this.


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