Screenshot Saturday: Fullscreen Goodness #2

So, it looks like I am doing the whole Screenshot Saturday thingy again. Why not? This weekend we are bringing you a cool preview of the new fullscreen rendering system at work. Believe it or not, this actually runs (even at this size, 1920×1080) a lot better than 1.1 due to some major rendering performance changes. There will still be an option to render a smaller game window if you want, or you can just shrink your window/browser to dynamically scale it down. Also, if you recall, I tried to do this earlier in Wayward development but was SUPER SLOW, so it was cut.

Fullscreen Preview

4 thoughts on “Screenshot Saturday: Fullscreen Goodness #2”

  1. We are hoping to have 1.2 out soonish. But that all depends on how well things go with fixing all the bugs etc, introduced with the major renderer changes done to make what you see up top possible.

  2. I just want a slightly larger game window. 1.1 has a smaller viewable area than 1.0.1 did, and it’s locked at that size. In 1.0.1 at least you had the option to change it.


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