New Donator Rewards

Gold CoinsFirst off, I want to thank everybody for playing, sharing and supporting Wayward.

Wayward at this stage is still very much a hobby project – for me, and everybody else involved. I don’t think I could expect to eventually live off of donations (I’m pessimistic by nature), but they definitely do keep me motivated. Currently, it’s the only way of monetization for Wayward in specific.

That being said, I wanted to spice some things up a bit to give back to those people that think Wayward is worth the time and money.

The new Donations page lists the new ways we can help give back to the supporters. The rewards are now as follows:

Minimum of a $1 donation gives you access to:

  • Pre-release bug testing.
  • Access to private to-do/future plans spreadsheet (with upcoming version play-testing).
  • A name of your choice on the donation page.
  • A link of your choice attached your name.
  • The top 5 donators will be featured on the footer of all internal Unlok pages.

I try to be modest about Donations. I know how ruffled some people’s feathers can get with “e-begging” on the internet. That’s why there’s currently no in-game advertising in Wayward, or why you aren’t seeing a massive pop-up “DONATE NOW! OR ELSE!” while reading this site.

If you are an older donator, please send me an email if you want to claim one of these rewards.

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