Item Idea Contest

Item Idea Contest

Have you always wanted to see a certain item in Wayward? Or maybe you are tired of seeing an idea sitting on the todo list and want to push it along faster? Now’s your chance!

Submit your item idea along with any details you wish to provide (description, actions, abilities, etc.). The top three submissions (based on feasibility, appropriateness, and concept) will appear in-game in the next major release and the winners will receive a free Wayward key! We will also be choosing a handful random submissions that will receive a free Wayward key for their effort!

Deadline: October 20th, 2018

Submission form:

Disclaimer: Proposed item ideas may or may not already exist within on our todo list and may already be in production. Full implementation of any item idea will be under our discretion and direction. Winners will be credited in an upcoming major release changelog and blog post. The first person to submit an idea will have priority for winning. Don’t lawyer me, bro.

Have fun!


Wells by Adrien S. Enzo

Wells have been on the todo for quite awhile. It’s also one of the most requested items and features. Luckily Adrien S. Enzo submitted it first, so he gets all the credit! Fortunately, it’s a win-win for everybody as this will be a great item to reduce some of the tedium of water gathering. You’ll be able to build wells out of rocks, sandstone and clay bricks.

Hitching Post by Xechorizo

Xechorizo submitted this as “tether”, but the functionality will remain the same. It will be an item that can be built into the ground that will allow you to hitch tamed creatures so they stay put. This will be very useful for tamed creature management.

Hardtack by RatElemental

It’s probably not the baked item that most people wanted, but it’s a start! Hardtack will be the first “baked” item to be added to Wayward. This item is a bit sneaky because we also had to add in five other items just to support it (including pans, flour, and dough).

Although we could only choose a couple of items to go in for beta 2.7, these are not the only items appearing in the next major release. We’re already at over 30 new items in the release. We also made notes on all of the other submissions for future consideration.

Special thanks to everybody who submitted, but especially: kenov511, DanekJovax, Arnkh, GlerkTheFlurp, and Mitzthekitty who won a free Wayward Steam key!

5 thoughts on “Item Idea Contest”

  1. A few ideas.
    1) The barrel. Application – store water and various other drinks. For example compote – a recipe: sugar (from sugar cane), water, fruit.
    2) the Bank. Application – store water and other drinks, but you can carry it with you. Different volumes.
    3) Double doors for the floor. Application – The ability to create a cellar, an interesting piece of furniture.
    Double protection doors are the same as “Double doors for the floor”, but close the mine so that the monsters can not get out of it.
    4) One could create an entrance to the mine (this is an object). Type of interior. We also have a fence.
    5) Ingots. The ability to create metal ingots. Kraft is already out of them, not from pieces of metal.
    In chunks, can be primishi.
    6) Buttons, levers, gears and water wheel. The appearance of an analogue of electricity in the game. The ability to grind flour for bread, in large volumes (I do not understand whether there is a millstone). The ability to create automatic doors that close themselves and the button open. This would solve the most annoying action.
    7) The wheelbarrow. The ability to transport piles of stones, metal and boards (while removing the ability to carry in inventory)
    8) Sawmill – place for wood processing
    9) Nails – for creating furniture
    10) Comfort. This is not a thing, but such a concept would add a lot of interior to the game. Rugs, skins on the wall, a wooden bed (by the way which could be used for a very long time) or a stone bed (by the way, you can improve the object, bed + wool, soft bed), well, the saboy blanket, pillow and so on; table, chairs, cupboards, plates, cups.
    11) I understand not on the subject, but if there is a fantasy, then … Find a cave in which the tasks will bring certain resources. As a reward to receive certain recipes (which you can not get), seeds (which you can not get) and even stats.
    12) At a high level of treatment of skins, cooking and even some skills, it would be possible to start making stuffed animals. Interior.
    13) In the end, you can add garbage. To the shore is very rare, but such garbage as newspapers, some fragments, crumpled banks, wooden boxes, etc., pestered. You can imagine everything. So for example, at the appearance, when you are given random items. It would be right for me to find them scattered on the shore, in a broken box (which breaks down after you looked at it) and TP.

  2. Roasted vegetables. Eg Roasted pumpkin, Roasted carrots etc

    Dough: Craft with water and or milk with flour (ground wheat)
    can be used to make bread (cook) or pies (fruit: apples and sugar(cooked and ground sugar cane) (vegatable: any roasted vegetables and fat) (Meat: any meat, fat and preservative (slime cube or salt peter))


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