Beta 2.6.6 Released

We’ve finally reached the end of the beta 2.6 series of patches. On to greater things with the commencement of beta 2.7 development! While this is normally the time for us to go silent on the news front, please make sure to follow us on social media or join our Discord server to stay up to date on all the development previews and discussion while we work on our next major update.

Much of this release improves on the mechanics of merchants and addresses some of the issues spotted from the modding changes found in the last patch with other improvements sprinkled in as per usual.

Speaking of beta 2.7, don’t forget to check out our “Item Idea Contest” here: – Three winners here will get their item idea added to the game in beta 2.7.


  • You can now cancel out of resting.
  • More than one merchant NPC is now able to spawn per world.
  • Healing merchants will now remove their hostility against you.
  • “Carve With Tool” now provides an item break confirmation when the option is enabled.
  • You can now pour out water on to other players to soothe their burn injuries.
  • Merchants and other players (when PVP is enabled) can no longer spawn within a player’s view.
  • Merchants will now be burned when standing in fire (or lava).
  • The game will now continue to fade in even when the game is paused.
  • Messages are now displayed top-to-bottom when in an upper quadrant.


  • There is now a reputation loss or gain (instead of a guaranteed loss) when tamed creatures fight other creatures (based on if their target is hostile or not) and is applied specifically to the owner.
  • You can no longer jump over players and NPCs.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed save errors on some hardware by reducing the amount of memory required to save the game (this will also make saving the game faster).
  • Fixed mods failing to load when joining a server, if a mod needed another mod as a dependency but the loading order was incorrect.
  • Fixed the game not quitting if it had been reloaded.
  • Fixed items not lighting on fire when dropped onto lava from a player’s death or broken container.
  • Fixed an error on opening the options menu after using the “Enable All” button in the mods menu.
  • Fixed the “Enable All” button in the mods menu not updating the mod check buttons visually.
  • Fixed a regression where the mod options button was not hiding/showing when a mod is enabled/disabled.
  • Fixed a regression where mods were not able to use this.getPath() before image paths.
  • Fixed tile changes not saving in modded world layers.
  • Fixed a regression where mods were not able to import the Mod class by name.
  • Fixed a regression where menu bar buttons registered using mod.addMenuBarButton loaded images from the wrong path.
  • Fixed responding “no” to enable/disable “required mod” interrupts not cancelling enabling/disabling the first mod.
  • Fixed errors caused by loading a save which had previously had a mod enabled with custom stats.


  • Added “inter-mod registries”, for mods to provide things to others (or not, if the target mod is not present).



  • Fixed taking damage as a ghost when falling from the troposphere.
  • Fixed emptying a water tile in the troposphere spawning a dirt tile in its place.

Balancing Tools

  • Now compatible with Debug Tools 2.0.

Debug Tools

  • Other players besides the host on a server now do not have permission to use Debug Tools by default (this can be changed by inspecting the player).
  • Fixed a bug that caused panels registering as hook hosts if you disabled debug tools after loading a game with it.
  • Fixed an error when closing the Debug Tools dialog.
  • Now supports other mods adding custom panels, inspection panels, and entity inspection sections.
  • Fixed adding items to inventory producing multiple items based on how many times you opened the inspect dialog.
  • Fixed items from mods loaded after Debug Tools not appearing in “Add Item to Inventory” inspection dropdowns.
  • Actions can now be used while moving.

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