Beta 2.6.5 Released

We haven’t quite yet started on the next major release, but instead have been plugging away on getting Wayward more stable, improving systems, and balancing the game. There has also been a lot of work and development put into new modding support.

Something of note is that we released a new “Compatibility Branch” that should help anybody experiencing freezing, saving or graphical issues with the game. Please check this branch out if you are having one or more of these issues. More information on changing branches is available here:

Another thing to note is that we rebuilt the official Debug Tools mod from scratch using the new dialog and UI system. Among the ton of new features in it, it’s now a great example case if you want to poke around in the code for your own modification. Shout-out to Yuudaari on that one! Check it out on the Steam Workshop here:


  • In “Simulated Turns” mode, the game tick now occurs simultaneously with the player turn. The next game tick is still delayed by the same amount of time.
  • Plant spreading will now no longer cross doodads that block movement (walls, fences, etc.).
  • Multiple changes have been done to items produced when many items burn, including many fixes/consistency improvements.
  • Piles of ash can now burn away with enough time.
  • Doodads will provide more accurate and consistent items when burning, especially during different growth stages or stages of resource gathering for plants.
  • Items in fire (that can be burned) will now reduce in durability until eventually burning instead of sometimes instantly producing burned items.
  • Some items may now produce multiple items when burning (such as logs producing multiple charcoal). Crafted items will now also be more consistent with what they burn into based on what was used in the craft.
  • You can now connect to a server with required mods disabled. The game will automatically enable them for you and disable them after disconnecting.
  • Items that can spawn creatures on decay or break will now be able to spawn on a wider variety of tiles.
  • A saving screen will now show when exiting the game by closing the window.
  • You can now disable the custom cursor in the options menu.
  • Added some information about crafting fertile soil within the gardening help article.
  • Mods in the multiplayer menu now show their multiplayer compatibility in their tooltip. (Thanks black silence!)
  • Ghosts can no longer write notes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed difficulty appearing as a number instead of a message. (Thanks NB!)
  • Fixed players being briefly invisible when they join a multiplayer game in simulated turn mode.
  • Removed incorrect checks for under player when using an adjacent tile for sleeping.
  • Fixed the help article filter matching formatting code within article text.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow you to re-roll legendary item properties by crafting, then disassembling the item.
  • Fixed walk to tile sometimes displaying the wrong path in multiplayer.
  • Fixed being able to use the “/pause” command in single player/turn-based mode.
  • Fixed container weight display not updating when using consumables within them.
  • Fixed a rare issue where over repeated uses of the options menu the game may begin to become laggier (due to a UI leak).
  • Fixed unpublished mods marked as unloadable: false warning the user every time they load the save. (Thanks CloneDeath!)
  • Fixed imagePath loading mod resources from the game’s root rather than the mod’s root for stats, status effects, menu bar buttons, and more. (Thanks CloneDeath!)
  • Fixed not being able to use class instances with methods as descriptions in some mod registration functions. (Thanks CloneDeath!)
  • Fixed the “cannot be run on this system or browser” error screen fading in rapidly, and disappearing to loading screen.
  • Fixed a bug where creatures could continue attacking dead players/ghosts.
  • Prevented connected clients in multiplayer games from visually manipulating the state of game pausing (even though it had no impact).
  • Possibly fixed an issue where saving never completed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused worlds last used for multiplayer in simulated turns mode to stay as simulated turns mode in single player.
  • Fixed incorrect weight set for coconut containers of goat milk.
  • Removed ability to dismantle books as weight can be incorrect after opening books and revealing other/new items.
  • Fixed possible desyncs when crafting and starting fires.
  • Fixed the region that allowed idling from the mouse movement bind being sized incorrectly depending on the zoom level.
  • Fixed an issue where some creatures could get stuck when spawning from treasure chests.
  • Fixed each mod only being able to add one NewUi Dialog.
  • Fixed walk to tile issues near world edge.


  • Increased animal taming and bartering (trading) reputation gains.
  • Reduced the weight of limestone and limestone powder.
  • Reduced the stoke value of charcoal due to its new abundance with the other burning changes.
  • Items are now damaged when dropping to the ground on player death in casual and when breaking chests.


  • Updated the “Modding Guide” with a new tutorial for creating the “Hello World” example mod among other changes and fixes.
  • Added the GetZoomLevel hook, for overriding the default zoom functionality.
  • Added the PostFieldOfView hook, called when the field of view has been initialized.
  • Added a GetTilePenalty hook, used for manipulating which tiles should be preferred using “walk to tile”.
  • @HookMethod now does type checking on the method it decorates. If the method is not a valid hook, it will error.
  • Added the GetCameraPosition hook for implementing a custom camera.
  • It is no longer necessary to mark mods with only customizations as “multiplayerCompatible”, and it is no longer necessary to mark mods with no scripts or customizations as “multiplayerClientside”.
  • Added multiple decorators such as @Mod.instance, @Mod.log, or @Mod.saveData for injecting a mod’s objects into fields.
  • Added the GetMaxSpritesForLayer hook for changing the maximum number of sprites that can be rendered in a SpriteBatchLayer at once.


Debug Tools

  • The Debug Tools mod has been completed redesigned and has a brand new feature set.


  • You can now use “walk to tile” to walk directly into a hole in the troposphere, but in all other cases you will path around the hole.
  • Increased the base durability of the nimbus.
  • Fixed artifacting of the overworld during movement.

Ridiculous Hairdos

  • Marked as compatible for multiplayer.


  • Released a new “Compatibility Branch” that may resolve some compatibility issues on some hardware configurations.
  • Updated Wayward to Electron 3.0.0-beta 6.
  • Improved the performance of calling most hooks.
  • Tiles can now have multiple overlays.
  • Added new properties to IActionArgument.

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