Content Contest

Content Contest


Submissions and winners are showcases here:

Hey all!

It’s time to get creative and/or share your Wayward experience! Submit either a screenshot (from in-game) or piece of artwork inspired by Wayward. There’s no restrictions and it could even be a video if you feel so inclined.

Some ideas: a screenshot of your in-game village or base, a concept sketch for a new creature, a spritesheet with your own new item ideas, a rendering of your in-game character, or a meme comic pointing out a “just wayward things” moment. It’s really up to you!

Winners will receive:

First place: $40 Steam Gift Card + Wayward Steam Key
Second place: $20 Steam Gift Card + Wayward Steam Key
Third/fourth/fifth place: Wayward Steam Key

Update: We’ll also be giving away a couple bonus Wayward keys randomized among all those who entered for an extra incentive.

Simply direct message me on Discord (Drathy#0001) with your submissions or submit via email at Feel free to also share it on social media or on our Discord.

We’ll set up a showcase of all the submissions in about a week and choose winners sometime after. This is our first legit “contest”, so if it’s successful, we’ll plan on adding bigger and better prizes for future giveaways.

Have fun!

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