Beta 2.5.7 Released

It’s the major update that just keeps on giving! We are releasing yet another minor patch for 2.5.x to address some issues and tweak a few areas of the game. This release will fix up the container opening issue that multiple players have reported and hopefully correct some hardware compatibility issues.

We are still on the hunt for an options menu freeze as reported here and here. Please report your findings! We are still also tracking some issues with hardware compatibility. Even with an update to Electron, there seems to be still some with the dreaded “Lost GL Context” issue. We again will have to wait for updates upstream to correct this issue. There’s still hope as mentioned previous through the browser solution if you are okay with that. More information on that available here:


  • Length of rest/sleep is now negatively impacted when resting/sleeping on snow, shallow water, cooling lava, and swamp tiles.
  • Disabled some creatures from being able to “stumble” where it would not make sense. (Thanks Amax!)
  • You can no longer attempt to rest/sleep on lava or cave entrances.
  • Unknown items (items that were added from mods that are no longer loaded) will now have proper grammar usage of the “an” article.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an oversight that did not allow water levels to change when gathering from sea water tiles.
  • Removed auto container closing due to a item performance issue that results in lag, preventing container opening. (Thanks cff29546!)
  • Fixed an issue where no body of water was too big/deep to stop reduction of water levels when gathering water (should have been set at >= 50 connected tiles with bonuses for depth).
  • Fixed an issue where two hints happening one after another would pause the game indefinitely within real-time mode (until restart).
  • Fixed an oversight that resulted in binds being stuck when closing the Steam overlay while in-game. (Thanks STRIKER AWAKENING!)
  • Fixed a bug where the “Join Our Community” heading was grayed out within the about/news menu.
  • Fixed some sentence case/grammar issues.


  • Increased the default tick time/rate when playing multiplayer so creatures are a bit slower to attack/move. This can be changed at any time in the multiplayer menu.
  • Apple trees will now spawn with a variety of growth stages instead of only ripening on world generation.
  • Increased de-spawning rate slightly.
  • Harvesting or gathering from plants that cause status effects will now trigger those effects (poison ivy).
  • Increased chance of slime splitting slightly.


  • Added a GetAmbientColor hook.
  • Added a GetPlayerFieldOfViewRadius hook.
  • Added a GetTileLightLevel hook.


  • Updated Wayward to TypeScript 2.7.
  • Updated Wayward to Electron 1.8.2, improving performance and compatibility.



  • Improved naming/grammar of all items/doodads/tiles/actions.
  • Fixed an issue where rainbows or snowflakes did not spawn or drop and could not be used properly.

Debug Tools

  • Added a toggle lighting button.


  • Improved naming/grammar of items and actions.

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