Content Contest Showcase & Winners

The following is a listing for all the submissions and winners for the Content Contest. Thanks to all who entered!

Vossk shows us how to not battle the kraken in comic form:

Vossk's Wayward Comic

This submission won first place!

Warrior of Ruin presents a common Wayward story:

Warrior of Ruin's Comic

This submission won second place!

Syntria tries her hand at capturing the majestic afro hairstyle:

Syntria's Fan Art

Then later, capturing Wayward in it’s true provocative-anime form:

Syntria's Anime Sketch

This submission won third place!

Adrien S. Enzo tries his hand at spriting some creatures, items, and other things:

Tree CrawlerAncient Ancients Real Lava LampBanshee HeadManta Ray Adrien S. Enzo's Iron Garden Scythe Adrien S. Enzo's Orb of Influence Adrien S. Enzo's Iron Lamp Adrien S. Enzo's Turkey Dinner

Then later shared with us a splendid Wayward meme:

Adrien S. Enzo's Meme

This submission won fourth place!

*\(o_O)/* showcases a quite meticulously constructed garden and storage warehouse:

*\(o_O)/*'s Base
*\(o_O)/*'s Base

This submission won fifth place!

Valdig shows off a hefty multiplayer base:

Valdig's Multiplayer Base

Giovanni goes old-school and becomes a true cartographer and stitches his world map together:

Giovanni's World Map

Firelion spams us with a batch of fresh Wayward memes:

Firelion's Rohan Meme

Firelion's Sasuke Meme

Firelion's Meme

Zazyman shows us the importance of a healthy diet of… just pineapples.

Zazyman's Pineapple Farm

Dead Man Drifting shows off an epic abode:

Dead Man Drifting's Base

Tomasz shows us his favorite item:

Tomasz's Favorite Item

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