Wayward Newsletter #5

Wayward Newsletter #5

Wayward Birthday

Today marks the 2nd year of Wayward being available on Steam. We’ve been calling April 22nd the “Wayward Birthday” for this reason, and because of this fact, we are doing a 20% discount on Wayward today on Steam along with an extension to our “Content Contest“. More details down below!

As always, thanks for coming along for the ride with us as we continue our wayward journey.

Beta 2.6 Plans

We have heard you loud and clear! After multiplayer, the biggest wish for most players has historically been “NPCs”. With beta 2.6, we are making that wish a reality, starting with NPCs (non-player characters) that you can barter and trade with. If you are particularly malevolent, you can also choose to battle and fight them for their goods. As always, we’ll expand on this system going forward to add new gameplay options for them in the future.

To go along with the trading, we also expanded our legendary system, opening up the ability for any item to be legendary with unique new properties, including reduced item weight, bonus stats, extra damage/defense, increased worth, and more!

Another long-requested feature is the ability to use adjacent containers (chests) for crafting. This is something we are working on for beta 2.6 as well!

Of course, I can’t spoil and talk about everything we’ve added and changed so far, but we’re already well over 100 improvements, bug fixes, additions, and balance changes for beta 2.6. Stay tuned for more reveals.

Beta 2.6 Media Previews

NPC Party

Attack of the Tumbleweeds!

NPC Trading

Wikipedia Entry

We are currently looking for some help on developing a Wikipedia entry for Wayward. This will help indexing/categorization of YouTube videos created on Wayward among other things. If anybody is a Wikipedia editor, please get in touch – we can help you with any information you need. Wayward should be notable enough at this point (it has been featured in PC Gamer (both online/print), Rock Paper Shotgun, etc.); however, we can’t do it ourselves as this would be against Wikipedia’s rules as “self-promotion” even though we aren’t using it for promotion.

Content Contest

Content Contest

We are currently running a “content” contest. One where you can submit any type of media or content surrounding Wayward for a chance at winning some Steam cash and Wayward keys! You can find more information on this contest here: http://www.unlok.ca/wayward/content-contest/

This is running until April 28th!

Featured Mods

Walk There by Amax

Amax does it again! “Walk There” adds in the ability to automatically walk to a selected tile using your mouse. It’s so good, we’ll probably end up adding this to the game at some point! Sorry/not sorry Amax!


Close Da Door! By HenryFBP

HenryFBP clearly had too many close encounters with a giant spider following him into his house. “Close Da Door” adds in automatic closing of a door behind you.


Capacious Extremis by Caleon

Hoarders rejoice! Caleon extends the storage capacity of all types of chests.


Beta 2.5 Postmortem

Beta 2.5 was a milestone release for the Wayward project. It included one of those things I mentioned numerous times probably wouldn’t ever be a thing. Well, never say never!

Multiplayer was a big deal and many had tons of fun with it and continue to do so. It was fun enough for me to actually play the game again (instead of just develop and test for). There’s still tons of work to do on it and it will continue to improve like Wayward as a whole.

A special shout-out to Gary “Spacetech” Wilber, our lead programmer for making this dream come true!

As always, feel free to share your thoughts, concerns, and suggestions!

Have fun!

Vaughn “Drathy” Royko

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