Beta 2.9.6 Released

So, with a bit of delay, this should be in fact be the last minor patch in the 2.9.x series of releases.

On to bigger (and better) things! As previously mentioned, we are taking another stab at this whole Seafaring thing and improving multiple aspects of it for the next major release. You can read more about it in our latest newsletter:

Stay tuned for more news!

Bonus Promo

Struggling to get started in Wayward? Check out SirKenithan’s new guide, aptly named “SirKenithan’s guide to starting out in Wayward.” here:

Still struggling? Check out Puffletops’ collection of guides complete with plenty of pictures available from this post on our subreddit:

Bonus Tip

If a weapon has multiple damage types, it will use both of them on each hit. Each value in a resistance will reduce the damage by one, and each vulnerability will increase it by one. As an example:

You hit a scorpion with a wooden sword that deals 3 blunt/piercing damage. Scorpions have a resistance of 1 against piercing and a vulnerability of 2 against blunt with a base defense of 2. The scorpion would take 2 damage (3 – 2 – 1 + 2) in this scenario when other factors like skills are not applied.

You can read more about attacking and damage in the new help article available in-game.


  • Added an attacking & damage help article, explaining how to attack and how the damage system works.
  • Added a launch option to force the use of a discrete GPU and defaulted it to on (may only effect macOS currently).


  • Protected items are now protected from disassembling, throwing, and dropping in destructive ways.
  • Solar stills will now automatically refill their water source when built on top of shallow water.
  • Map decoding messages will now reveal if the treasure is below ground when close.
  • Enchanting no longer re-rolls skills or stat types.
  • The “Best for Crafting…” sort options are now combined into one, making it a good default active sort to use along with the new “Protect” item feature when crafting.
  • There are now two new difficulties when going past the normal limits.
  • Going under the -64,000 reputation limit will now cause only aberrant creatures to spawn.
  • Reputation logging messages are now color-coded and easier to understand.
  • The illumination legendary type number will now be tied more accurately to its base value and will provide a bigger bonus. (Thanks inquisitiveToast!)
  • The multitasker milestone now checks for previously gained skills (for older save games, milestone resets, imported save games, etc.).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed saved custom game options on high-scores including effects applied by milestone modifiers, causing the replay button to double-up milestone modifier effects. (Thanks Zalpha!)
  • Fixed a smother fire exploit that lead to allowing players to plant fertile soil under already grown plants. (Thanks Vardis!)
  • Fixed the highscore “replay” button not auto-selecting the same milestone modifiers.
  • Fixed attacks causing delay in real-time mode (in singleplayer games). (Thanks Vardis!)
  • Fixed giant spiders, chickens, and some other creatures accepting all bait types (including raw chopped fish) instead of just insects.
  • Fixed rare multiplayer packet processing errors when traveling to other islands.
  • Fixed being able to jump in a boat… really? (Thanks SirKenithan!)
  • Fixed milestone modifier effects from the initial playthrough of a game not being deterministic against replaying the game (via highscores.)
  • Fixed tooltips sometimes not returning after a screen hides.
  • Fixed the “See More” message in tooltips and more information not showing in certain instances. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed cooked fish kebabs having incorrect weight values in some instances.
  • Fixed hotkeys not working in the actions menu after changing directions. (Thanks Kenithan!)
  • Removed the ability for items that can’t be sold to have the “Worth” legendary type.
  • Fixed the hoarding legendary value being shown in the wrong area on torches and candles.
  • Fixed lit tallow torches having the “Lit Candle” grouping instead of lit tallow candles.
  • Fixed the “pour” action missing on some containers of medicinal water. (Thanks DragonOvLeaves!)
  • Fixed dismantle actions working on protected items when using quickslots/item menu. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Removed medicinal item tiers as they were not used. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed winterberries changing into rotting vegetation without decay. (Thanks DragonOvLeaves!)
  • Fixed a slight memory leak due to help article menus.
  • Fixed dialogs not losing focus when interacting with the game screen.


  • You will no longer parry blows without having both hands equipped. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Black powder is no longer reinforcable.



  • Fixed attempting to gather/harvest plants when tamed creatures were on top of them.
  • Fixed errors when attempting to reinforce armor in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a sequence that caused TARS to gather water from a well and pour it out repeatedly.
  • Disabled writing TARS logs to log files.
  • Fixed getting stuck staring at traders.
  • Fixed being unable to certain repair items if the anvil was not placed next to a kiln.
  • Now knows that rocks exist under snowy rocks/mountains.
  • Fixed TARS dropping boats after sailing on occasion due to weight.
  • Fixed not being able to pick-up walls when stuck behind them.
  • Fixed TARS being able to walk into caves (without knowing how to get back up).

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