Beta 2.9.5 Released

We’re back this weekend with another minor patch! Apologies on the delay for this one. Things are finally settling down for me again after a recent move.

This week we have a bunch of bug fixes as per normal as well as some general improvements, many of which are community-submitted from our Discord and on the Steam forums.

Bonus Tip

Not all resources can be found on the starting coastal island. Many resources, creatures, and plants are unique to each island type or are more commonly found in certain biomes. For example, although clay can be found near swamps and in caves near water on the starting coastal islands, it’s much easier to be found all over the arid island type including under all desert sand. Iron is most abundant in ice cap islands as another example.

Bonus Promotion

SplatterCatGaming once again graces our community’s presence with a brand new Wayward video!


  • The server browser now shows current island details (biome type and x/y).
  • Added full support for loading dedicated server saves and backups as a non-dedicated server or game and vice versa.
  • Lower decay items will now be sorted at the front or back instead of in the middle when sorting by decay.
  • Sorts are no longer sorted by their inverse when switching to a new type of sort.
  • Increased tick time limit to 2333ms max.
  • The /commands command will now only show commands you can perform. Command.
  • Added a confirmation for when attempting to drop a container with item(s) into deep water or the void.
  • You can no longer dig entrances into the void.
  • Improved the display of the about menu when using an interface scale less than 1.
  • Improved the display of the highscore menu when using an interface scale less than 1.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed challenge quest creatures spawning in inappropriate scenarios (like fishing them up). (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed a message bug when boarding a second boat while already on a boat. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed not being able to protect items in chests. (Thanks Luxodjen!)
  • Fixed refining being able to reduce featherweight items past 0.1 weight. (Thanks num ca nem vi!)
  • Fixed tree bark and tail feathers being able to be dismantled into items with more minimum weight. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed refining, enchanting, and transmogrifying certain items not using the proper skills. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed a few issues related to UI input and events when saving and re-loading a game, such as one which caused screenshot mode to only work for some of the UI. (Hotfixed)
  • Fixed creatures being able to walk on the void. (Thanks [SOA] Slade Wilson!)
  • Fixed attempting to paddle on top of creatures, doodads, and more allowing you to use a boat on land. (Thanks num ca nem vi!)
  • Fixed spending a turn when attempting to use a boat outside of water.
  • Fixed equipping the torch twice in challenge mode with eternal night challenge enabled. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed MORE instances of players in multiplayer games rejoining as new characters if the game was ever closed without a save (due to crashes or incorrect server shutdowns).
  • Fixed dropping containers into water moving contained items into player’s inventories.
  • Fixed performing commands that you did not have access to not showing any message/output.
  • Fixed challenge modifiers changing in Challenge Mode when traveling to a new island. (Thanks cloudcover!)
  • Fixed milestone modifiers that added percentages to all skills producing a blank skill type. (Thanks bored_o_mir!)
  • Fixed not being able to travel to another island if all other players left and you had a vote timeout. (Thanks Ardy!)
  • Fixed loading really old saves causing fog of war to be reset.
  • Fixed item notifications no longer showing after sailing to civilization and returning to the island.
  • Fixed some trypos. (Thanks Ursa!) (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed some language being cached incorrectly, causing some values to keep displaying the same, even as they are changing internally. (Hotfixed)


  • Tamed monsters no longer break doodads (walls, chests, etc.).
  • Crafted items can now be reinforced higher than found/looted items (if they can be crafted).
  • You can no longer disassemble candles.


  • Internal texture sizes are now automatically expanded to support mods with a large number of sprites. (Thanks slayerjerman!)
  • Fixed typing for global renderer variable.
  • You can now use @Mod.instance(), @Mod.log(), @Mod.saveData(), and @Mod.globalData() without a name argument on mod classes.


  • When loading Wayward using a custom resource directory, the game will now show the version appended with “(Custom)”.



  • Learned how to use boats.
  • Will no longer run away from creatures only to end up drowning.
  • No longer kills itself by drinking unpurified water while at low health.
  • Fixed sometimes sleeping to death when trying to traverse large bodies of water.
  • Will now keep additional food in its inventory instead of moving them into chests.
  • Fixed TARS not pathing past NPCs.
  • Will now look for better tools after obtaining better weapons and armor.
  • Learned how to live on Arid islands.
  • Learned how to live on Ice Cap islands.
  • Now travels to other islands after expending the current island’s resources.


  • Fixed tall doodads not rendering correctly. (Thanks ______!)

Debug Tools

  • Fixed sail to civilization not working.
  • Fixed the “Tamed” checkbox not updating when viewing subsequent creatures.

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