Beta 2.9.4 Released

A new weekend, a new set of changes! This time around we have a pretty substantial set of changes for balance as well as a brand new item protection feature ready for everybody to check out.


You can hover over items and use “P” or right-click them and select the “Protect” option to protect items. Protected items will not be used in crafting, dismantling, or auto-carving (from the action menu), so you never have to worry about crafts breaking your prized axe anymore!

Bonus Tip

There are more differences between resting and sleeping than just being able to cancel out of rest. While you rest or sleep, your hunger and thirst rate is reduced and your stamina and health are regenerated. But these effects are stronger when sleeping. You can only ever rest until you have full stamina, whereas with sleeping, you will sleep for as long as you aren’t interrupted among many other factors including your camping skill and whether you are around a fire source.

There’s a lot more to this and is explained in full detail within the help menu located in-game by pressing the “?” icon in the top menu bar or by pressing “/” by default.

Bonus Promotion

Check out our newly updated voting page for helping us prioritize upcoming features. Not everything is listed here of course, but most of the major things are.

Let me know if something is missing!


  • Added a new selectable “Protected” item feature instead of only being able to apply it to equipped/quickslotted items. You can hover over items and use “P” or right-click them and select the “Protect” option to protect items.


  • Reduced the amount of delay after swapping positions or being blocked by creatures.
  • “Carve with Tool” action will no longer use “Protected” items.
  • Item tooltips are now updated as changes are made to the item.
  • The sort menu for crafting/inventory dialogs is now ordered based on frequently used selections and shows which is the default in each case.
  • Quality is no longer included when sorting by name (except in the cases of legendary types).
  • Spruce cones can now be used for stoking fires.
  • Removed delay from some actions that did not require it and added it for those that required it to fix quickslot usage issues.
  • Removed “Protected Crafting Items” and “Protect Crafting Items for Containers” in favor of the new individual item protection system.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed sorting by name doing a reverse sort and the reverse sort doing a normal sort.
  • Fixed multiple multiplayer desyncs related to owners of tamed creatures disconnecting.
  • Fixed a glitched item highlighting feature when hovering over boosted skills (from legendary effects) in your skills dialog. (Thanks num ca nem vi!)
  • Fixed a multiplayer desync that occurred when players attempted to rejoin the server if they previously left while sleeping/resting.
  • Fixed an error when updating the mod.json file of a mod after publishing, and added a new, more correct & useful warning for if a situation like this happens again.
  • Fixed being able to join the server as a local game if in the process of connecting the server shut down.
  • Fixed “Navigator” milestone triggering incorrectly. (Thanks Lardi!)
  • Fixed an oversight that made it so tiered treasure chests did not have ever-increasing item quality chances. (Thanks Franck!)


  • Increased the health and damage of many mid-tier creatures.
  • Reduced damage blocked by parrying slightly.
  • Low tier treasure chests will now only provide copper-based tools, armor, and weapons. High tier treasure chests will provide wrought-iron drops instead of iron.
  • Treasure chests that are lockpicked will now be damaged, reducing usability when disassembling.


  • Added support for mods that are bigger than 100MB.
  • Improved performance of uploading/downloading workshop files.
  • Modded status effect renderers can now cancel base-game layer rendering. (Thanks Saervok!)
  • Added support for skipping walk to tile’s blocked tile check.
  • Leftover Steam Cloud files are now cleaned up after publishing mods.


  • Crafts are now defaulted to sort by discovered time due to performance concerns.
  • Improved the performance of sorting, filtering, and updates to the inventory and crafting dialogs.
  • Upgraded Wayward to TypeScript 4.



  • No longer gets stuck when attempting to travel past open fire.
  • Fixed TARS sometimes getting stuck when trying to carve a corpse if it doesn’t have an item that can carve.
  • Will prefer rocks over rock ground when looking for a sharp rock.
  • Protects swords from being used when dismantling.
  • No longer thinks the world is round.
  • Won’t try to dig under chests anymore.
  • Will now reinforce good equipment when its durability gets low.
  • Fixed getting stuck if an NPC walked in its way.
  • Fixed loop of taking and removing items from chests when near max weight.

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