Beta 2.9.3 Released

Some more bugs bite the dust in beta 2.9.3. We have also refined the modding workflow and improved a few areas of the game including performance. Take a gander at what we tweaked and fixed this week with the changelog below.

Also, for any TARS fans out there, check out that beefy list of changes!

Bonus Tip

What’s better than getting headbutted by a goat? Well, a lot of things, including taming them and letting them produce milk for you. Goats can easily be tamed with leaves (by offering them, or by leaving them on the ground). You can attempt to “Gather Milk” with any liquid container when facing the goat. Make sure to keep taming it so it can produce more and more milk over time. Petting goats will also help them produce milk faster.

Bonus Promotion

Wondering where most of these bugs are being uncovered at? Our Discord of course! We have a great Discord community full of theory-crafting, bug hunting, and general fawning over upcoming features.

Have an old mod you need to update? Not sure where to start? I did a modding update guide video with an example mod to perhaps help you out with that:


  • Added a /backup chat command for dedicated servers.


  • Improved the accuracy of the anatomy-based “mostly uninjured” message by adding a case for full health creatures/players/NPCs. (Thanks Ursa!)
  • The save game button is now hidden for clients in multiplayer games.
  • Removed “Reputation” messages from the “Chat” message filter by default.
  • Removed vagueness in wording for enchant/transmogrify actions. (Thanks Ursa!)
  • Player “turns” now start as 1 instead of 0.
  • Added a new “Events” message filter type and added several messages that were not categorized/miscategorized before.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed traveling to the west and east always producing the same island.
  • Fixed errors and desyncs related to fish and other creatures moving at the edge of the world.
  • Fixed auto save options only appearing in quick settings (and removed it from there as well). (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed clients in multiplayer games not receiving credit for Navigator and Helmsman milestones.
  • Fixed dedicated servers not saving fog of war of players when running in console mode.
  • Fixed creatures being forced to spawn over tiles they shouldn’t when gathering treasure. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed updating binds not showing on quickslots until a restart.
  • Prevented new players that join non-pvp dedicated servers that switched islands from spawning at the edge of the map.
  • Fixed renamed items reverting when canceling a rename action. (Thanks Azhukar!)
  • Fixed weight not being updated when attempting to paddle when a boat was placed within a container.
  • Fixed penguins providing an incorrect reputation amount when killing them. (Thanks Ursa!)
  • Fixed instances of players in multiplayer games rejoining as new characters if the game was ever closed without a save (due to crashes or incorrect server shutdowns).
  • Fixed walk to tile failing if a tamed creature is in the way but cannot be swapped.
  • Fixed containers staying open when they were dropped into the void or deep water.
  • Fixed mods breaking with “!” in the game’s path. (Thanks Cth!)
  • Removed the “You see a fire spread uncontrollably.” message from the “Reputation” message filter. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed sailboats not warning about breakage on use.
  • Fixed eating aloe vera leaves also “applying” them, curing the burned status effect. (Thanks Ursa!)
  • Fixed saved opened containers not showing their name or calculating their weight.
  • Fixed some tiepos. (Thanks Ursa!)


  • Increased the amount of glue/resin required to fully reinforce normal quality items, while reducing the amount required as quality increases (was previously the reverse of these rules).


  • Fixed mod publishing erroring when publishing a mod with comments in its mod.json file.
  • Fixed the wayward +mod update command not updating the waywardVersion property in the mod.json file.
  • Fixed JSON comments not being supported with wayward +mod command.


  • Improved performance when dismantling, disassembling, and many other item interactions. (Thanks Arnkh!)
  • The launch_options.json file can now have comments.



  • Fixed getting stuck by a tree if there was a corpse on top of it.
  • Will no longer try to repair kindling items.
  • Will now disable right hand when it’s a shield. The left hand equip will try to be the appropriate damage type against the nearest creature.
  • Fixed failing to run away from creatures when at low health.
  • Will destroy trees more often if they are in the way of quicker pathing.
  • Fixed harvestable trees being ignored when searching for items.
  • Added the ability to create and use multiple water containers.
  • Will attempt to carry multiple kindling items in the inventory to start fires easier.
  • TARS will maintain a tidy base by moving items that are on the ground into chests after it obtains a leather armor set.
  • Will carry food, water, and a bandage with it before attempting to upgrade weapons and armor past leather.
  • Will no longer get stuck attempting to move to the same targets over and over.
  • Now always uses a knife when a recipe requires a sharpened to stop ruining swords!
  • Will no longer be scared of sharks when wearing decent equipment.
  • Will leave extra items at the base before moving far away.
  • No longer attempts to run away from targets that do not move, getting stuck.
  • Fixed TARS sometimes trying to dig/carve when it can’t.
  • Will prioritize crafting items when all the requirements are within inventory (stops filling inventory up before crafting).
  • Will craft items that require a furnace/anvil more reliably (hopefully).
  • Will now return to drop off items at base once it’s carrying too much.
  • Added the ability to create and use multiple water stills.

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