Beta 2.9.2 Released

Another weekend, another release! So, it turns out there was more issues to fix up. Quite a bit more in fact. Thanks for all the reports! Keep them coming if you find any new issues.

There’s a few new feature and improvements thrown in for good measure too. Enjoy!

Bonus Tip

For an alternative water source, you can build wells. These wells produce water based on where they are built. The rate of water corresponds directly with where they are built in relation to the cave system below them. Build them over impassable terrain like rocks in the caves and they will slowly trickle in groundwater. Build them over underground lakes and water sources and you will get an unlimited source of water. Build them over dirt, gravel, or other passable terrain and they will not produce any water. If you have a cave entrance nearby, you can count the steps or tiles to judge where to build it above ground.

Bonus Promotion

Check out our Twitter for keeping up-to-date on everything Wayward. We tend to post smaller updates and news pieces there that are too small for a Steam news post.


  • Added a new “Drop on Dismantle” option.
  • Added a new note for hunger/starvation.


  • Containers now re-open when reloading a game or traveling.
  • Items crafted now properly checks your inventory and containers within your inventory in order, instead of checking sub-containers last. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Clicking the clear/exit button in filters now removes focus from the filter.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash involving the skills dialog. (Thanks Levvy!)
  • Fixed cases where extinguished lit doodads (like furnaces, campfires, etc.) could decay and become destroyed. (Thanks Ursa!)
  • Fixed an issue where inputs could become “stuck” on after typing in the crafting/inventory filters. (Thanks Jiamil!)
  • Fixed creatures being able to walk over NPCs.
  • Fixed treasure being able to spawn in void in cave layers. (Thanks Vardis!)
  • Fixed macro bindings being lost on reload.
  • Fixed the wrong terrain type being set when placing down tiles in the “Ice Cap” region. (Thanks Vardis!)
  • Fixed world tooltips not working after dragging and dropping an item to the game screen. (Thanks Vardis!)
  • Fixed duplicate messages showing up when rejoining multiplayer games.
  • Fixed needing to use the “Show More Information” bind once after changing the “Always Show More Information” option. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed render depth/order not working correctly at certain positions on the map. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed macro input being doubled up and reset at the wrong times, causing double click to sometimes not work on items. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed join server retry button not always working correctly.
  • Fixed multiplayer clients sometimes displaying messages for other players.
  • Fixed save interrupts not always showing.
  • Fixed permanently burning not reducing player health in the challenge mode at certain health/strength values.
  • Fixed some status effects not properly affecting regeneration/reduction of stats.
  • Fixed “Worth” item value dropping unexpectedly due to reinforcement/durability calculations. (Thanks Vardis!)
  • Fixed damage notifiers moving sporadically after killing creatures while moving.
  • Fixed ash appearing over rock/impassible terrain. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed the permanently poisoned challenge modifier reducing player strength/health to very low values.
  • Fixed the “Operator” milestone not being obtainable. (Thanks Caerold!)
  • Display the correct message when gathering/harvesting if the “Drop on Gather/Harvest” option was enabled but the tile beneath you was full.
  • Fixed stats not showing properly after loading a save game that uses milestone modifiers until one turn has passed.
  • Fixed dedicated servers timing out (and not reconnecting to matchmaking server) after traveling on lower-end hardware.
  • Fixed milestone modifiers not applying after travel. (Thanks num ca nem vi!)
  • Fixed the “Explorer” milestone being unobtainable. (Thanks Oragepoilu!)
  • Fixed closing the action menu with a click off of the menu not showing tooltips afterward in certain instances. (Thanks AxelDominatoR!)
  • Fixed quickslots changing item types when using items that turned into others.
  • Fixed solar stills being referred to as water stills in some cases. (Thanks Vardis!)
  • Fixed several cases of capitalization issues in notes. (Thanks Ursa!)
  • Fixeded some typos. (Thanks riftborn!) (Thanks Vardis!)
  • Fixed incorrect upgrade check on saves, leading to very large saves after repeated loads. (Thanks Amax!) (Hotfixed)
  • Fixed multiple multiplayer desyncs related to merchants, wells, and creature movement/offering. (Hotfixed)
  • Fixed the backup command not backing up if backups weren’t enabled. (Hotfixed)


  • Permanent status effect challenges will no longer modify player strength/health or give additional healing items. They are balanced through their effect rates now.
  • Made stoke values for items consistent. (Thanks !)


  • Comments are now supported in mod JSON files (mod.json, language files, etc), using Microsoft’s jsonc-parser module. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed modded items with undefined weight causing your weight to show as NaN.
  • Fixed status effect icon paths not being relative to mod directory.


  • In-game messages are now once again logged to the console & log files.
  • Fixed source map warnings showing in developer console.



  • Lava will no longer count as a valid tile to spawn on. (Thanks Amax!)


  • Added a new item group to all troposphere items and added additional groups to all items that matched ones from the base game.
  • Snowflakes can now be used as “liquid” items or used for drinking and can be found via storm stones or boulders rarely.

Debug Tools

  • Added /DebugToolsPermission chat command. This lets dedicated servers enable debug tools for players.


  • Will no longer kill itself while resting repeatedly in multiplayer or real-time games when hungry.
  • Will no longer eat grass seeds.
  • Fixed TARS not always functioning correctly after respawning if permadeath was disabled.
  • Fixed more water still issues.
  • Fixed issues with gathering water.
  • Fixed TARS sometimes getting stuck in infinite loops when trying to acquire items.
  • Will now attempt to only move items TARS needs into its inventory when gathering and dismantling items.
  • Fixed being unable to repair copper items.

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