Beta 2.9.1 Released

Hey all,

First off, I want to thank you all for the great turn-out for this major release so far. I’ve had tons of fun checking out all the new changes/content and traveling with everybody in multiplayer.

This patch will hopefully fix most lingering, serious issues to the game while we get started on the next major patch. As mentioned previously in the major update patch notes, we want to get started right away on a bigger update instead of supplying a bunch of smaller patches. In theory, this is the last smaller one, but we’ll continue to fix any issues as they are encountered and reported. As always, you can stay up-to-date with our nightly changes on the development branch in the middle of bigger releases where we aren’t patching as often.

If you were unfortunate enough to have the seed corruption issue, please send me your save along with the seed that you set an I can restore the issue for you. It looks like this issue was pretty rare, but we have fixed any future issues concerning it.

Bonus Tip

Did you know that planting seeds and growing plants in fertile soil will not only make them grow faster but also spread to adjacent tiles once they reach the “ripening” stage? Each plant has their own unique growth rate and spread amount.

Bonus Promotion

Check out our Subreddit that has recently just got a bunch of new activity:


  • Added a custom game options to disable traveling effects for all players or just offline players.


  • New islands are now deterministic and based on the original seed.
  • Turns now pass normally when players are ghosts.
  • Changed order of custom game options based on perceived frequent/important usage.
  • Removed the ability to trade with merchants after they had already moved away from your facing position (while in multiplayer).
  • Void tiles will now be placed on the edges of all cave layers for compatibility with old saves.
  • Links in the changelog menu now appear the same way as other links.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed seeds with large numbers not being saved properly. (Thanks ODevil!)
  • Seeds are now sanitized, preventing potential strange terrain generation with unorthodox values.
  • Fixed performing actions from item menus moving the menu position instead of closing it after performing an action that caused the player to update their direction. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed container dialogs changing their position/size when traveling. (Thanks num ca nem vi!)
  • Fixed other items being used swapped as your boat after traveling in rare instances. (Thanks Caerold!)
  • Fixed being able to move items into merchant’s inventories (without trading). (Thanks Oragepoilu!)
  • Fixed fish (and some other items) returning bones both when being cooked and when eaten. (Thanks Abs!)
  • Fixed quickslotting containers not toggling open/close properly on hotkey press. (Thanks Caerold!)
  • Fixed torches spawned in caves not having proper decay values set.
  • Fixed game options not being correctly initialized for old save games. Fixes the new respawning system not being available in old save games that were set to “Casual”. (Thanks AxelDominatoR!)
  • Fixed moving not causing item menus to close (like action menus do).
  • Fixed the export and counterclockwise buttons not working on the character selection screen at low resolutions. (Thanks Aurum!)
  • Fixed a problem that could cause the selected mod language to not be loaded on startup. (Thanks Lovefield!)
  • Improved reliability of traveling in multiplayer.
  • Fixed players that log in over water not swimming by default.
  • Fixed many multiplayer desyncs.
  • Fixed line of sight still being applied as a ghost in multiplayer.
  • Fixed being able to still be on your boat after traveling with PVP enabled and spawning on land.
  • Fixed paddling facing deep water tiles extinguishing held lit torches/candles.
  • Fixed excessive recent packet logging in multiplayer.
  • Fixed errors when mods try to get bindings for unregistered bindables.
  • Fixed the Helmsman milestone needing to travel to four islands instead of three. (Thanks Caerold!)
  • Fixed fog of war resetting when rejoining dedicated servers.
  • Fixed Steam and Discord Rich Presence showing the wrong player counts for multiplayer games.
  • Improved the grammar in the failed to cook message. (Thanks !)
  • Fixed an oversight when players could attempt to travel in caves. (Thanks Arnkh!)
  • Fixed an error when exporting save games that have not yet been loaded/saved in the latest version. (Thanks Arnkh!)
  • Fixed joining games from Discord not initializing Steam integration correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where clients could not move on dedicated servers. (Hotfixed)


  • Reduced the chances of traveled to islands being “Coastal” types.
  • Reduced obscuring effect on tattered maps slightly.
  • Slimes will no longer combine into Jelly Cubes at reputation levels where they couldn’t spawn normally.
  • All mushrooms will no longer increase thirst/dehydration and will spawn more commonly frequently in the coastal island.
  • Added more difficult creature spawns to “Arid” caves.


  • Fixed invalid argument segments disappearing from output strings.
  • Fixed the list segment not working correctly for some values.
  • The list segment now supports {…}, formatting a list of all arguments.
  • Fixed the escape segment not removing its own curly braces.
  • Fixed status effect registration. (Thanks Noita!)
  • Fixed modded status effect handlers not re-initializing on loading saved games. (Thanks Noita!)
  • Increased reliability of publishing/updating mods. (Hotfixed)
  • Publishing Workshop mods that contain symlinks will no longer throw errors. (Hotfixed)


  • Various logging events will no longer be logged without “Developer Mode” enabled.
  • Added support for enabling/disabling sync checks from commands.
  • Reduced the amount of logging to log files.



  • Improved logic when waiting for water from a water still in multiplayer.
  • Removed “leave desert” functionality that no longer applies for coastal islands.
  • Will now ensure the base is built near a suitable water source.
  • Fixed sometimes not being able to build an anvil.
  • Fixed being unable to repair items that require an anvil and fire.
  • Fixed rare infinite loop when trying to move items to chests.
  • Fixed TARS switching hands constantly after dying in some instances in casual mode.
  • Will now respawn when dying in casual games.
  • Fixed memory errors/issues after running for extended periods of time through multiple games.

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