Beta 2.8.5 Released

We have a bit of an unusual release ready for everybody. A new release that is looking pretty chunky for being a minor update. This is a collection of things we have been improving while working on the next major update. Something like a midway point release. Enjoy! Let us know if you run into any issues.

In other news, we have transitioned the Wayward soundtracks over to the new “Soundtrack” category on Steam. This means you can purchase them independently of the game (they no longer count as DLC).

As for news on the next major release, we have decided to work on seafaring, persistent world travel, and themed biomes/islands (and all the unique content that comes with that). Some of the things that have been continually requested by the playerbase.

We’ll have more news on that coming up soon! On with the changelog:


  • Added a new custom game option to limit (or increase) the amount of creature spawns.
  • Added more special events and petting rewards for creatures.
  • Implemented a multiplayer game/server description that players can use to describe their game in more detail.
  • Added a new legendary type for fire stoking effectiveness.


  • The item break warning when crafting will now mention exactly which items may be destroyed.
  • The “Grab All” and “Move All” action will now adhere to item ordering.
  • Players will now receive a warning when using items that are in or on fire when crafting with no gloves/hand protection.
  • You can now split slimes without causing damage; however, the more damage caused, the higher the chance of splitting with a bonus chance applied for slashing damage. Slime ranchers rejoice!
  • Players, doodads, items, and creatures are now offset to more accurately match the tile they are on (instead of aligning everything to the bottom of each tile).
  • Movement delay caused by low stamina will now be smoothed out like when moving while overburdened. These effects will also be combined, reducing the overall impact if both are present.
  • Added a new “thriving” stage to fire for more accurate messaging on the strength of fires.
  • Action delay caused by low stamina will now only be triggered from actions that use stamina.
  • Rafts and spyglasses will now consume one durability when using/equipping them (but also now warn you attempting to use/equip them with 1 durability).
  • Fire and tumbleweeds will now appear over items, players and creatures.
  • When interrupts happen, the game no longer treats it as though you released your mouse button while dragging items (causing you drop items on the ground for example).
  • Opening containers no longer causes delay. (Thanks Ratha Wynter!)
  • Water stills can now be stoked (and may need to be depending on fuel/tinder/kindling used when lighting it).
  • Fire that spreads will now transfer some of its intensity.
  • The stoke value shown on items now equates to the exact amount of turns of fire decay you can expect from stoking.
  • Improved performance when filtering crafts, especially when moving and especially when “Use Adjacent Containers/Items” was enabled. (Thanks Dodging Rain!)
  • You can now pick up a water still that contains water (with a warning), emptying the liquid.
  • Attempting to pour liquid on a lit water still that already has water inside will now provide a warning to let you know you are putting out the fire.
  • You can no longer refine items if their maximum durability is too low.
  • Blades of grass are now edible/offerable for some creatures.
  • Jelly cubes can now also split into slimes with reduced chance compared to slimes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the first attempt to drag or move an item failing after an interrupt happened (or at the start of a game).
  • Fixed certain cases of aberrant creatures spawning even when disabling aberrant creature spawning. (Thanks Gonzo!)
  • Fixed creatures not animating when attacking. Whoa, how long has it been like that?
  • Fixed an oversight where doodad resources had reversed chances to drop.
  • Fixed an issue where trees could produce less resources when using higher tiered tools or with high skill levels. (Thanks Arnkh!)
  • Fixed the first click after filtering crafting items not working. (Thanks Ratha Wynter!)
  • Fixed a desync related to tilled ground not matching on client side when using pre-generated fertile soil to plant seeds. (Thanks Sad Blueberry!)
  • Fixed taming creatures resulting in errors.
  • Fixed the random name button not working.
  • Fixed the golden sextant not being required for certain actions. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed some chat messages being repeated when reloading a game.
  • Fixed an issue where certain items could not be refined. (Thanks Dodging Rain!)
  • Fixed rejoining a previously joined dedicated server not allowing you to choose a new character (when a new game was started).
  • Fixed sorting by crafting category showing duplicate items at the top/bottom of the list and causing performance issues.
  • Fixed disabled items in quickslots not able to be removed after traded to merchants and other some other rare instances. (Thanks mrco.gllrdo!)
  • Fixed not being able to navigate between text inputs with the keyboard.
  • Fixed an error when loading saved games from the Steam Workshop (again).
  • Fixed a few outdated item/doodad/equipment sprites.
  • Fixed an error when trying to drag disabled quickslot items into your equipment menu.
  • Fixed several broken instances where UI elements were not highlighted properly.
  • Fixed the set of quests sometimes changing when attempting multiple playthroughs of the challenge mode in a single session.
  • Fixed mods not loading if you started a game too quickly after launch.
  • Fixed items with modified durability rates not receiving item breaking warnings. (Thanks Dodging Rain!)
  • Fixed creature timers passing when player(s) are dead.
  • Fixed “initial time” custom game option not taking the “day length” option into account.


  • Fishing skill can now be gained on failed attempts at bringing up fish without bait.
  • Decreased difficulty of crafting clay jugs, increased difficulty of crafting clay blowpipes.
  • The starting level of fires are now based on what fuel/kindling/tinder were used when lighting it. Stoking and fueling after starting fires may be necessary now.
  • Reduced reinforcing effectiveness slightly.
  • Reduced chances of slimes combining into a jelly cube.
  • Increased the stoke values of all flammable items slightly.
  • Reduced chance to stir up fish and item catching when fishing slightly.
  • Decreased chance to discover cave entrance when gathering.
  • Items with modified durability rates now have proper/balanced damage modifiers.
  • Reduced the maximum increased hunger and thirst rates for challenge modifiers.
  • Increased “Learn total skills” quest requirement for challenge mode slightly.
  • Additional stamina restoring items are now provided for no stamina regeneration challenge modifiers.
  • Revised some difficulty levels and chances for certain challenge modifiers for improved balance.


  • Added missing stat and statusEffect registration types.
  • The mod publishing tooltip now specifies when it will publish a new mod and when it will publish an update.
  • Fixed binds not showing up properly when hovering over button bar icons.
  • Fixed certain special items not getting the proper item damage modifier when using the OnItemDamage hook.
  • Added canCreate event for tile events.
  • Added canFaceDirections, canPerformSpecialAbilities, and canDespawn events for creatures.


  • Updated Wayward to TypeScript 3.8.2.


Debug Tools

  • Changes to whether a tile is tilled is now detected by terrain inspection.
  • Fixed the zoom level being overrided for players without Debug Tools permission. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed the zoom slider not updating as the zoom level is changed with binds. Now supports zooming in to 16x.

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