Beta 2.7.2 Released

Hello all,

Here’s another patch to continue improving the beta 2.7.x series. We’ve identified some issues with multiplayer over the last few days and have corrected some connection bugs as well as done some balancing.┬áMore to come soon!

Hope everybody enjoyed/is enjoying their holidays!


  • Players will no longer connect to games fully when connecting without the proper mods enabled.
  • Plants that have its main resource as a gatherable will now mention that when revealing that it is ready to harvest.
  • Plants that can not be harvested will now reveal which stage is the most ideal to gather.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected an issue server side that prevented users from joining games using WebRTC (default mode).
  • Fixed mod save data not actually saving & sometimes persisting to the next loaded world.
  • Fixed walk to tile failing in high latency situations.
  • Prevented double clicking the continue game button corrupting the game. (Thanks Lovefield!)
  • Fixed being unable to use actions in rare cases during multiplayer games.
  • Fixed the Steam overlay rendering fully white in windowed mode until a window resize happened.
  • Fixed the player’s head being offset when sleeping in a bedroll.
  • Fixed an issue where players with no reputation would cause creature spawning issues and display incorrectly when viewed within Discord.
  • Dying by drinking water directly from the ground will no longer log that you drank from a waterskin.
  • Fixed field of view changes to transition properly when turns were passed by other players.
  • Fixed a translation issue that caused errors with links to not display properly.


  • Added a new note for treasure maps/hunting.


  • Reduced weight range of lightening legendaries.
  • Creature spawn rate will now be increased based on connected players and quest requirements in challenge mode.


  • Tags are now updated when publishing new versions of mods.
  • game.updateView and game.updateRender now require a source argument. Mods should pass in RenderSource.Mod for it.
  • Fixed inspection type registration when the handler function was passed directly.



  • Improved well building logic.
  • Fixed not idling to pass turns in simulated turn mode.

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  1. How do I keep the game from constantly freezing on me? I’m trying to turn the graphics down in the hopes that will be helpful, but the screen freezes when I access the options tab.


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