Beta 2.7.1 Released

Here’s a quick follow-up patch to our release yesterday. While there’s several more issues and improvements we are working on, these should serve as a start of what is to come over the next few weeks.

We wanted to get this out as soon as possible due to the strength bug. It seems like most of you are “enjoying” this bug a little too much! If you want to change your strength back to a reasonable value, please try out Debug Tools where you can open a player inspect panel (by default ALT+P) and set a strength value at the bottom of the dialog. As mentioned in the release notes below, this bug caused players to gain 25 extra points of strength on each strength increase. Knowing this, you should be able to figure out how much to deduct from your total if you want to.

Alternatively, you can modify this stat directly using our console guide and modifying: `localPlayer.stats.Strength.value`.


  • Improved performance across several aspects of the game including adjacent container crafting.
  • Servers with a different build than the client in the server list will no longer be displayed (servers running development branch shouldn’t show up for everyone).
  • Character heads no longer incorrectly shift in position when facing south or north.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed strength increasing by 26 each time “you felt your strength increasing”. (Thanks Arnkh!)
  • Fixed the screen from being black for a couple seconds after joining a multiplayer game.
  • Fixed a rare desync in challenge mode when a creature is spawned after a player has completed a tame/kill creature requirement.
  • Fixed the “Health Issues” note not always showing the correct items in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed the tops of heads clipping through doors and trees.
  • Fixed the stranded note sometimes showing up for everyone when another player joins the game.
  • Fixed bald hair styles from clipping over tall doodads. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed a desync caused by trying to plant seeds into tilled ground that spawned in abandoned gardens.
  • Fixed “return to title” confirmation text in multiplayer, challenge mode, and when the player is a ghost. Also fixed text on death & win in the same cases.
  • Fixed player death messages not appearing to everyone in multiplayer.
  • Removed a rogue “A” prefix in the repair/reinforce/transmogrify item menu actions. (Thanks Tkenny123!)
  • Fixed the UI being shifted down when the game isn’t paused.



  • Added the ability to craft and build wells.
  • Fixed trying to plant seeds on the wrong type of terrain.
  • Fixed trying to gather from a water still while it was full of ash.

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