Beta 2.6.2 Released

A new batch of fixes is ready for you all!

We are currently looking into some performance issues related to some integrated GPUs. If you are having performance issues and have a discrete graphics card, make sure the game is actually using it (there has been some reports of some cards/drivers defaulting to integrated). As for the performance issues – we will continue to look into them, which now appear to be caused upstream (which we are waiting on an update for).

Two fixes we are shipping with this release are “possible” fixes. One is regarding the issue where containers dialogs would not show when opened and the other was keyboard movement getting “stuck” until a mouse click was made on the game screen. Please let us know if you are still getting these after beta 2.6.2.

We appreciate your patience while we address the remaining issues with the beta 2.6 release.

Bug Fixes

  • Possibly fixed a bug where sometimes keyboard movement and controls would become “stuck” until a mouse click was made on the screen.
  • Possibly fixed containers showing behind the game screen rarely (making it so it appeared as nothing happened when you tried to open containers).
  • Fixed an oversight where you could only rest on the ground with a bedroll placed under you. (Thanks CMDR Kargen Dracos [INR]!)
  • Fixed sleeping on a bedroll you are facing not checking for fire adjacent to facing tile (but rather the tile you started on). (Thanks Theodis!)
  • Fixed an issue where multiple tooltips would appear if the information updated while your mouse was still hovered over it. (Thanks sechsauge!)
  • Fixed the possibility of players timing out while the server is saving. (Thanks Valdig!)
  • Fixed a multiplayer desync caused by healing tamed creatures. (Thanks MrAmazing!)
  • Fixed a rare chance that players were unable to join a multiplayer game that they previously disconnected from.
  • Fixed a bug that made you bleed inappropriately when starving to death, drowning, taking poison damage, and many other things.
  • Fixed the filter not working in container dialogs. (Thanks Banaman!)
  • Fixed items getting held in cursor after dying while dragging an item.
  • Fixed crafting tooltips reporting incorrect item amounts based adjacent containers/items. (Thanks Arnkh!)
  • Fixed resting/sleeping screens closing when players join in multiplayer.
  • Fixed treasure maps not having the tops of trees in the “drawing”.
  • Fixed sugar canes not producing resources to gather when budding and fixed some wording on their description. (Thanks Fangthane!)
  • Fixed death in multiplayer games not triggering ghost vision or closing certain dialogs when in hardcore difficulty.
  • Fixed the middle mouse button failing to move to tile in many situations.
  • Fixed message sources (filter editing) not being translated for the Starter Quest.
  • Fixed some notes missing spaces by italicized words.
  • Fixed some wording issues within the Starter Quest completion messages. (Thanks CMDR Kargen Dracos [INR]!)


  • Move to tile will now stop when taking damage from stamina/encumbrance.


  • Slightly increased the weight of coconuts (as sometimes dismantling them would produce items with unrealistic weights).


  • Added PreSaveGame and PostSaveGame hooks
  • Added a ShouldStopWalkToTileMovement hook.



  • Fixed an issue where TARS would attempt to place items continuously within the same container.
  • Fixed message sources (filter editing) not being translated.
  • Fixed TARS randomly attempting to go into the water and end up killing itself tragically.
  • Fixed an issue where TARS would keep trying to rest while at -1 stats, leading to eventual death.


  • Added a backgroundThrottling option for reducing resources when Wayward is minimized/not in focus. This is only intended for use in single player games.

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