Beta 2.6.1 Released

Hey all, we are just delivering a small patch tonight to address some of the beta 2.6 launch issues as well as a few improvements thrown in. We fixed up some major performance issues as well as corrected some pretty big multiplayer bugs.

Thank you all for testing and delivering feedback while we correct the problems. There’s still some work to do, so stay tuned for some more minor patches!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some performance issues on lower end machines as well as many macOS machines (you wouldn’t believe what the cause was).
  • Fixed walk to tile not moving correctly in cases of high latency in multiplayer games. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed auto harvest still working when both hands are disabled. (Thanks Adrien S. Enzo!)
  • Fixed an issue where multiplayer games could increase too large in size due to saved messages, causing players to no longer to be able to connect afterwards.
  • Fixed dedicated servers not starting properly when single quotes were present in the name. (Thanks Theodis!)
  • Fixed the player count command counting the server in dedicated servers. (Thanks Theodis!)
  • Fixed an error that happened when trying to feed/tame previously tamed creatures (from an upgraded save). (Thanks Cort Gdard!)
  • Fixed absent players on upgraded server saves receiving 0 in all stats. (Thanks Theodis!)


  • Added viewing/sending message support to the dedicated server menu.


  • Merchants will now face you when trading with them.
  • Increased the volume of creature movement/taming sound effects.


  • Increased the chance for sharks to despawn when out of view and range from them.
  • Feathers are now considered tinder and can be used to stoke fires.
  • Decreased the odds of chickens and harpies dropping feathers.



  • TARS will now use move to tile path previews for movement display (instead of particle effects).

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