Beta 2.6.3 Released

As noted with our last release, we were working on some issues relating to performance. Now, some weeks later, we think we have something available that will help the majority of people that had issues previously (especially on lower end machines). This required much more extensive testing than normal for these minor releases, which is why it took a bit more time, and also why you’ll find that this changelog may not seem very minor. This won’t be the fix for all performance issues, and probably won’t be the end of the beta 2.6.x series, as we still want to wrap up a few items before focusing on our next major release.

If you are still dealing with performance issues and don’t want to wait, there’s a number of options and possible solutions available for you. We recently released a guide on this, “Wayward Performance Guide” available here:

As you’ll see below, this release was hardly all about performance, and more about balancing, improving, and fixing bugs in the game. A common issue we have seen in multiplayer is new players struggling. This is due to the very fast paced nature of the game when not playing in turn-based mode. To combat this, we have introduced a brand-new mode which adds a simulated turn-based environment for more strategic and dynamic multiplayer gameplay, allowing turns to only pass if players are actively performing actions. We’ve also opened up adjacent containers/items to be used in disassembling/dismantling fully, further decreasing some tedium in inventory management. This is just a few of the highlights; take a peek down below for more goodies.

Have fun and keep suggesting your ideas and reporting issues!


  • Added a “Simulated Turns” multiplayer mode, which allows time/turn passing as long as players are performing actions, otherwise the game will be paused.
  • Added adjacent container dismantling.
  • Added a /save chat command.
  • Added an option to disable auto saving.
  • Added an option to toggle adjacent container crafting.


  • Added support for using multiple movement binds at the same time.
  • Added support for adjacent containers for disassembling/dismantling requirements.
  • Decreased saving and loading time, especially for dedicated servers. The file size of saves has increased due to this change (although exported saves will still be compressed).
  • Added an extra check to see if you are already facing a crafting requirement before turning to face the first instance found.
  • Added display of skill use reputation impact within crafting tooltips.
  • Merchant NPCs will now spawn on game saves that do not have them (from previous versions).
  • All hard-coded bind hints will now show what your actual binds are (instead of using the defaults) within the Starter Quest.
  • Added more information to the stats help entry to explain how their maximum values work.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed dismantling ignoring the order of items if no turn was passed after sorting items. (Thanks CMDR Kargen Dracos [INR]!)
  • Fixed an issue where some players were experiencing the game freezing/crashing while saving.
  • Fixed occasional uncaught errors related to multiplayer connections (when hosting a dedicated server).
  • Fixed the attack damage label values not updating.
  • Fixed a bug where both the character selection and main menu would appear when joining a game from a player’s Steam profile with Wayward closed.
  • Fixed an issue with some integrated GPUs that caused incorrect colors and other rendering glitches/visual artifacts.
  • Fixed an issue where disassembled items could result in items with higher minimum durability than their maximum. (Thanks CMDR Kargen Dracos [INR]!)
  • Fixed a bug that would cause keyboard controls to become stuck after holding them down while pressing the chat focus bind. (Thanks AbstrXact_Data!)
  • Fixed the chat bind working when an interrupt is visible.
  • Fixed the “Menu Enter” bind not working on input interrupt menus.
  • Tumbleweeds may now drop their resources on adjacent tiles as dropping on the same tile did not allow it to grow. (Thanks Arnkh!)
  • Fixed an issue where some books could contain items that resulted in you weighing more after opening them. (Thanks CMDR Kargen Dracos [INR]!)
  • Fixed a bug where weight did not update after learning from an old educational scroll.
  • Fixed the “equip hovered item” bind still toggling the equipment dialog when you’re hovering an item.
  • Fixed an extra space appearing in Starter Quest completion messages.
  • Fixed legendary strength items not effecting max weight when equipped. (Thanks Arnkh!)
  • Fixed an issue that caused dialog filters to filter incorrect items in.
  • Fixed an instance where hitting locked chests or creatures barehanded with hand protection provided no benefits.
  • Fixed gathering with hands not damaging your equipment enough, leading to this method being better than gathering with an actual tool. (Thanks Arnkh!)
  • Fixed swimming animations not resetting after travelling.
  • Fixed an issue where legendary skill items could potentially result in percents with more than 1 decimal point. (Thanks Arnkh!)
  • Fixed a bug where legendary attack damage was not applying to melee weaponry. (Thanks Arnkh!)
  • Fixed a bug where loading saves without previously loaded mods would still attempt to add modded items, skills, etc. through normal means.
  • Fixed move to tile not stopping movement while moving in front of an NPC. (Thanks Arnkh!)
  • Fixed +load for dedicated servers not generating a new world if the save specified did not exist.
  • Fixed the dismantle filter getting reset after passing a turn. (Thanks Arnkh!)
  • Fixed renamed containers not displaying their new name until they are closed and re-opened. (Thanks CMDR Kargen Dracos [INR]!)
  • Fixed the menu bar overlapping quickslots when there are enough menu bar buttons at certain resolutions.
  • Fixed some text being removed when switching languages.


  • Removed the ability to get hurt (or bleed) from gathering most plants with no tool/hand protection.
  • Carving corpses will now provide positive reputation in cases where the creature was hostile. (Thanks Aaron!)
  • Treasure guardians will now be more difficult at lower reputation levels.
  • Attacking creatures or hitting locked chests barehanded (without hand protection) can now cause bleeding.
  • Doubled spyglass durability.
  • Only tamed chickens will now lay eggs. Clucks-be-gone!
  • Added a larger lower range for exceptional/legendary item durability that are found or transmogrified (does not effect crafted items, which have a much larger cap).
  • Using your hands will now use more stamina than using tools for gathering, harvesting, digging, and attacking.
  • Decreased base aberrant spawning chances, and further decreased the chance as your reputation is raised.


  • Upgraded to Electron 3.0.0 which should improve compatibility and performance, especially on lower-end machines.

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