Beta 2.5.6 Released

Well, it looks like we needed another 2.5.x release after all! In beta 2.5.6, we’ve addressed many issues and improved some player interaction like reducing item pick-up delay and increasing movement speed slightly among other things.

There’s still a few issues to solve (and some we are still waiting on to be fixed upstream as mentioned in the last update post), but it’s likely we’ll push those to 2.6.0 now.

We’ll keep updating the development branch nightly if you want to keep up to date with the more substantial changes that are likely to follow. We are going forward with the most requested feature, NPCs! But as always, the next major update will bring hundreds of other additions, changes, and improvements.

Note: Due to one bug fix, your custom binds for mods will need to be reset.



Bug Fixes




Debug Tools

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