Beta 2.5.5 Released

This may be the end of the line for minor patches for beta 2.5, depending on if there are any game breaking issues discovered.

We are still waiting on a patch upstream to fix some of the hardware conflicts we are having in the game (corrupted rendering and/or losing GL context). Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it is progressing very quickly, so we’ll have to move on. That being said, we’ll update the development branch (which will be beta 2.5.6 or 2.6) as soon as it becomes available.

Apologies on this situation. Feel free to refund or use our browser solution if your hardware is not supported at this time and do not wish to wait.

A special thank you to all that reported bugs and issues this time around for beta 2.5. Many bugs would have been undiscovered without your help!


  • Added a “Move (All) to Facing Container” selection to the item menu to match the previous drop to container functionality.
  • Added multiplayer compatibility to the Starter Quest.


  • Gathering will no longer result in a chance of 0 durability items placed on top of trees.
  • Added 11 new hotkeys and removed “Backspace” as the 13th hotkey, and instead added shift modifiers for hotkeys 13-24.
  • Improved the audio falloff so very distant sounds are no longer heard, making it easier to locate players in most instances.
  • The skeletal mage wand will now only attempt to teleport into open tiles (randomized). Previously it would fail if attempting to teleport into a blocked tile.
  • “Pick-up All” is now mentioned within the “Fast Pick-up” hint.
  • Renamed the “Milk” option to “Gather Milk”.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the game would endlessly attempt to sync when joining a multiplayer game through the Steam overlay. (Thanks Bruskedragon!)
  • Fixed an issue where players would stay connected to server indefinitely if they lost connection while playing (or their computer crashed). (Thanks blay.paul!)
  • Fixed save game mods importing themselves every time the title screen is shown.
  • Fixed a visual glitch that resulted in lit torches not showing the “ember” graphic when being placed down with under 200 decay. (Thanks the rift!)
  • Fixed a PVP-related multiplayer desync. (Thanks Kyun!)
  • Fixed tile events not having the proper sentence case in tooltips.
  • Fixed the “Pulchritudinous” milestone not triggering again when transmogrifying equipped items. (Thanks Maugrift!)
  • Fixed a bug where sliders (audio) could be interacted with while in-game when options were closed. (Thanks Snart!)
  • Corrected a couple grammar issues.


  • Reputation is no longer decreased when releasing tamed creatures. (Thanks Tribarrel!)
  • Decreased the chance of creatures breaking doodads/walls slightly.
  • Creatures will have a lower chance to wake players up from 2 tiles away.
  • Decreased the chance of waking up from wall/doodad breakage from further away.
  • Added a chance to remove a full water tile (even non-shallow water tiles) when drinking/gathering water (based on amount of connected water tiles).


  • Fixed some links that did not work within the modding guide.


  • Replaced game.getPlayerAtTile/Position with game.getPlayersAtTile/Position.

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