Beta 2.5.3 Released

January 7th, 2018 update: We have hotfixed an issue where some players were getting black screens upon game launch.

This weekend we have another patch full of balance tweaks, improvements, and bug fixes. We still have more minor patches in us; possibly a beta 2.5.4 and 2.5.5 based on our list of issues still remaining.

One of the bigger changes has to due with multiplayer, where we have added in a fallback to support a larger variety of networking scenarios. Our previous solution (using WebRTC) found some players not able to join games due to unknown networking issues. Multiplayer will now fallback to WebSockets when a connection can’t be made with WebRTC. Hats off to Spacetech for his work on this, and Maune/blokzeil1/Woutersparre/jopi from Discord for helping us test the changes!

We also have a large batch of balance and improvements; smoothing out the new player experience. On a technical level, we also added some more compatibility options for players having trouble with WebGL 2 (GL context issues), and UI scaling. You can now find two new properties within the launch_options.json:

webGlVersion: 2,
zoomFactor: 1,

Players can now set the webGlVersion to 1 to force WebGL 1 to be loaded. zoomFactor can be changed to integer or decimal, such as 0.75, 1.25, 2, etc. to force UI scaling in-game (since interface scale in options is enable to effect in-game currently).

Speaking of multiplayer, make sure to check out a new multiplayer group that popped up if you are looking for people to play with: or come hang out in the #multiplayer channel on our Discord:

If you want to vote on or suggest the next new big changes in this hobby project of ours, make sure to check out the Beta 2.6+ Wishlist thread: or the poll:


  • Single walls now show as full walls instead of as a post and improved tile-mapping for horizontal walling, closing large gaps when not connected to other walls.
  • All torch stands will now have unique graphics and proper weights/light levels that match their wooden pole/bark torch/animal fat torch counterparts.
  • Paddling (using the raft) will now check if there is water in front of you (and move you if so) instead of requiring you to be in water (potentially dousing torches).
  • Added an “Open Logs Folder” button to the developer section in options.
  • Collector and Explorer milestones no longer trigger for modded items.


  • Length of fire is now doubled across all sources.
  • Vampire bats and zombies will now be scared during daytime (while outside of caves).
  • Hostile creatures may now lose interest in attacking for a short time after killing an enemy/player.
  • Production of ash has been decreased slightly on lit doodads and torches.
  • Starting fire with lit torches now has a much higher success rate over other fire starting devices.
  • Pemmican will now reduce more thirst (-2 to -3); however, prepared pemmican will reduce less thirst (-2 to -1).
  • Trap door spiders will now be revealed when attacking them (even when missing).


  • The game now becomes paused when the game’s GL context is lost (for whatever reason).
  • Re-implemented “zoomFactor” within launch_options.json so players can enable UI scaling in-game as a workaround, since the new interface scale doesn’t effect in-game UI.
  • Added option to force WebGL 1/2 in launch_options.json.
  • Networking has been rewritten to allow a fallback to WebSockets in the case where WebRTC fails to connect for some players. This is done through port 38740.


  • Added a new clay house to desert template spawns.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where you could still try to quickslot items with a full quickslot bar, causing multiple issues. (Thanks jc_rabbit!)
  • Fixed a bug where you could not move the exact weight limit of items to a container using the “move all” selection. (Thanks Stungun!)
  • Fixed “Join Game” not showing the character select screen when used while the game is not running.
  • Fixed quickslots becoming stuck performing actions while holding them down when a hint or confirmation screen came up.
  • Fixed an issue where restoring GL context for WebGL 1 was not working correctly. (Thanks Tuche!)
  • Fixed unknown items (from unloaded mods) from not showing up in tooltips.
  • Fixed the multiplayer button in the pause menu sometimes not appearing.
  • Fixed the idle bind becoming stuck idling while holding it down when a hint or confirmation screen came up.
  • Fixed a weight issue with message in a bottles weighing more when unpacked (depending on item given). (Thanks mikehail!)
  • Fixed an issue where you could potentially corrupt save games by clicking while loading after using the “Reload and Continue Game” to load games multiple times.
  • Corrected some grammar issues.


  • Fixed several language bugs including interrupt choices and doodad quality not being translatable. (Thanks holyshield!)
  • Updated some outdated references in the modding guide. (Thanks ninjanomnom!)
  • Updated the Hello World mod and modding guide with the changes presented in beta 2.5.


Developer Tools

  • You can now set your weight bonus (increase/decrease weight capacity without modifying strength).
  • Added a “Reset WebGL” button.

Pirate Language

  • Fixed the language appearing as “English”.

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