Beta 2.5.2 Released

Hey all,

We got a pretty beefy “minor” patch ready for everybody tonight. In the last few days, we have been focusing on getting through our bug list and improving some of the shortcomings found in the beta 2.5 release; adding polish here and there, especially regarding mods. You’ll also find a couple quality of life changes that have been requested quite a bit through the months.

As always, please report any other issues you may have found!

Here’s an updated listing of the top bug finders since we started keeping count:

  • blay.paul (22 bugs reported)
  • Megan (15 bugs reported)
  • Amax (12 bugs reported)
  • sechsauge (8 bugs reported)
  • Adrien S. Enzo (8 bugs reported)


  • Water is now ready to gather from lit stills when the fire reduces to embers.
  • Mods are now no longer automatically enabled unless you subscribe to them while in-game.
  • You can now place flooring beside walls/doors/gates/fences without having to pick them up first.
  • Game saves will now show which mods are running once again via their tooltip.
  • Mod descriptions are once again shown in mod tooltips.
  • Updated some hints with new information.
  • Added a +load “game name” argument for dedicated servers to automatically load a save on startup.
  • Filtering items will now show matches for dismantled item names.


  • The starter quest is now translatable in other languages.
  • Added a gardening hint, explaining the different growth stages and gathering/harvesting.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed modded hairstyles not loading correctly in Character menus on most machines.
  • Fixed being unable to disable locally installed mods when the same mod was installed via Steam Workshop.
  • Corrected an issue that corrupted the lit water still graphic when reducing to embers after pouring water on it. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed facing another direction closing the action menu (reverting to previous functionality).
  • Fixed the “Load Game” menu not confirming if you want to load a save with missing mods.
  • Fixed mods being visually enabled (checked) even if they are were compatible.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when removing the last character from the Character Selection screen, causing the menu to become empty.
  • Fixed map memory (exploration area) being lost sometimes when hosting using a dedicated server. (Thanks blay.paul!)
  • Fixed button bar keybind tooltips not refreshing after being rebound.
  • Fixed an issue where a translation of a bind resulted in an error.
  • Fixed an issue where some crafted items (fishing rod for example) were being regenerated on game reload due to incorrect disassembly items being attached to it.
  • Fixed an issue that cancelled the sleeping/rest screen when an autosave happened.
  • Fixed being able to throw/shoot/fire past a closed doors and walls.
  • Fixed dismantle weights being impossibly low for the minimum weight for ornate blue books.
  • Added a flammable property to items so that fire cannot spread to nonflammable items. (Thanks blay.paul!)
  • Fixed being able to enable a mod if the the dependency is was not compatible. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed the inability to join a multiplayer game if you clicked “Join Game” before the main menu loaded.
  • Fixed some quick setting options from overlapping into each other.
  • Fixed improper grammar with the solar still description. (Thanks Gtd!)
  • Fixed the formatting of the missing mod message when joining a server without the proper mods.
  • Fixed some keys not being bindable.


  • When water routing with digging, shallow, medium and deep water tiles are now treated differently, increasing chances of routing the deeper it gets.
  • Removed the restriction of needing at least five connected water tiles to dig/route from; however, the less water tiles that are connected, the more rare it will be to route.


  • Removed method definitions for a few mouse-related hooks superseded in beta 2.5.
  • Removed inaccurate section about mod reloading in Modding Guide.
  • Fixed/improved a few JSDoc comments related to hooks and bindings.



  • Corrected a bug that was not showing the equipped argus item.


  • Wayward has been updated to Electron 1.7.10, possibly fixing some rendering issues on macOS.
  • Removed old or unused messages in translation (English) files.
  • Added a bind for reloading and continuing the most recent game, when in developer mode.
  • Fixed player’s weightBonus not being accessible (again).

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