Beta 2.4.2 Released

Here’s that second 2.4 patch, as teased earlier this week. We’ve been hard at work fixing all the reported (and unreported) bugs, as well as improving some aspects of the game. It’s bug hunting season!

Speaking of reported issues, here’s a recent top 5 list of all the bug hunters helping out Wayward:

  1. Adrien S. Enzo
  2. Amax
  3. blay.paul
  4. GauHelldragon
  5. sechsauge

A special thank you to those people and to everybody else that reports bugs and issues!


  • Maple, spruce, and cypress trees will now cycle back to budding stage when reaching their final maturity.
  • Attempting creature taming will now give reputation.
  • You can no longer trample germinating plants.
  • Improved consistency of many doodad particle colors, including adding support for different colors based on growth stages.
  • Increased the color range of particles and slowed down their decay speed slightly.


  • You can now attempt to drop items on the same tile as a creature.
  • Added a thirteenth keybind as backspace by default.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that made tamed creatures produce blood and particle effects even when they had not caused damage to their target.
  • Fixed a bug where digging up certain tiles could duplicate items received from them (like cobblestone for example). (Thanks evildagmar!)
  • Fixed an issue where water stills from older saves could get into a corrupted state. (Thanks Dynaflame!)
  • Fixed a line of sight issue that would give full line of sight past a fire event/doodad when using a spyglass. (Thanks blay.paul!)
  • Fixed an issue where animal taming done through offering was not giving any reputation. (Thanks Adrien S. Enzo!)
  • Fixed fire spreading to water tiles with items on it. (Thanks sechsauge!)
  • Fixed the “Offer” action not being available when the creature was on top of a doodad. (Thanks Adrien S. Enzo!)
  • Fixed a bug that would cancel the sleeping overlay/screen if using a quickslot to sleep/rest before the screen ended its fade out event.
  • Fixed a bug where collected doodads did not retain their name. (Thanks Adrien S. Enzo!)
  • Fixed vampire bats and zombies despawning in caves during daytime incorrectly.
  • Generated houses and other templates will no longer be spawned over cave entrances/exits. (Thanks Adrien S. Enzo!)
  • Fixed some item borders getting cropped off within the equipment window. (Thanks Xech!)
  • Fixed an oversight that would show a item notifier above the player when dropping a lit torch.
  • Fixed a bug that was not counting items that were equipped and altered towards equipment milestones. (Thanks Xech!)


  • Reputation loss now only occurs when tamed creatures actually hurt other creatures (unlike before where it happened whether they caused damage or not). (Thanks sechsauge!)

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