Beta 2.4.1 Released

Tonight we have a small batch of fixes, improvements, and balance changes. Although it’s small, some changes may have a bit more impact than you would think on first glance. If we messed anything up too badly, please let us know as beta 2.4.2 will also be right around the corner with more of these rapid changes/fixes.

Thanks for all the issue reporting as always!


  • Fires can now spread on to non-flammable tiles when there are flammable items on it.
  • Spawned doodads (on world generation or through spreading) will now gain durability based on their quality.
  • You no longer have to be facing a fire to gain sleep benefits from it. All adjacent tiles are now checked.
  • You can no longer craft pile of ashes from charcoal. As if you ever wanted to! (Thanks blay.paul!)
  • Mushrooms can now spread or grow on top of wooden flooring.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed doodads spawning with a random quality but never showing what it was until picked up/gathered. Fix will only effect new worlds. (Thanks Momop!)
  • Fixed an issue where you could not upload game saves to the Steam Workshop. (Thanks blay.paul!)
  • Fixed a brief flash of black when moving across the edge of the world.
  • Fixed errors when opening the New/Join Game menus, after disabling a mod that adds skin or hair colors.


  • There is no longer a 100% chance of returning quality items based on the doodad when gathering/harvesting – it is now varied based on the skill used to gather/harvest it.
  • Time skitters now have vulnerability to blunt damage.
  • Skeletal remains will now spawn within caves on world generation.
  • Increased corpse decay times and modified many based on their size/type.
  • Added one point of hydration (-thirst) to apples, but removed one point of satiation (-hunger).
  • Increased hunger timer speed slightly (won’t effect old saves).
  • Decreased hand drill durability, but increased both fire plough and bow drill durability.



  • Fixed an issue where your field of vision was not updated when reincarnating if you were moving/attacking.

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