Beta 2.4.3 Released

Hey all,

We have fairly substantial “minor” patch filled to the brim with quality of life improvements, balance changes, and of course a healthy amount of bug fixes for ya’ll this weekend.

This may or may not be the last patch within the 2.4.x series as we want to get started as soon as we can on beta 2.5 and delivering that sweet multiplayer goodness!

Let me know your thoughts on these changes as always!


  • When starting fires with torches, you can now either have a kindling item or a fuel item (preference goes to kindling).
  • You can now attempt to gather from more stages on all plants. You can now also intentionally destroy plants while they are growing (with confirmation).
  • Most plants now have many more resources from gathering including leaves and plant roots from most stages on most plants adding more distinction from harvest/gather.
  • When renamed items appear in messages/tooltips, they will now have their proper character case and quotes surrounding them. (Thanks Xech!)
  • Improved the growing grass graphic. It now also has all the normal growing plant stages.
  • If you rub an orb and it would have no effect, it not longer consumes itself. (Thanks Adrien S. Enzo!)
  • Drink is no longer the first option for seawater within the item menu.
  • Added the ability to rename all doodads.
  • Added less confusing text when harvesting a plant that can only be gathered.
  • Fixed up some improper message types being applied to certain messages.
  • You can now pour medicinal water on yourself. (Thanks blay.paul!)
  • Improved the “bouncy” hair style graphic.
  • Added less confusing planting messages when the tile was not suitable or if something was in the way.
  • Increased line-height on tooltip titles for added padding on long titles.
  • Changed the order of benignity/malignity in the reputation tooltip. Game changer!


  • Dying with negative reputation now increases benignity, dying with positive reputation now increases malignity (in casual mode).
  • Increased gardening reputation, but removed the reputation (and skill) gain when packing dirt (untilling).
  • Reduced the chances of gathering fruits/seeds slightly from trees when fully ripened. (Thanks blay.paul!)
  • Removed anatomy bonuses from receiving status effects (poison/bleeding) from doodads. This bonus will now only apply to creatures/combat.
  • Anatomy now also effects chance to get burned (like poisoned/bleeding) from creatures.
  • Aberrant creatures now have double the chance to cause status effects.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that may have lead to corrupt save games due to item ordering. (Thanks Onkel Herrmann!)
  • Fixed a undiscovered bug that would reset/change tiles around templates (spawned houses, ponds, lava) when reloading the save. (Thanks amul!)
  • Fixed a message that showed traps doing “0” damage to creatures.
  • Fixed an incorrect tree hitting sound effect triggering while gathering non-tree plants.
  • Fixed a bug that unselected game option buttons (visually) when hovering over game options with tooltips.
  • Particles that trigger when walking on water no longer get triggered on the last tile, but will now trigger on the tile moved to.
  • Fixed a visual glitch with flooring that would clip outside of walls on the corners of houses.
  • Fixed some cases where item order did not unlock certain recipes. (Thanks Rivet!)

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