Beta 2.3.3 Released

We’re pleased tonight to release the third patch in the 2.3 series.

We have some pretty exciting stuff, including some brand new features and many improvements/balancing tweaks. We may have went a little overboard this week.

Some of these changes and additions may seem a bit odd for a minor patch, but they are actually part of our ongoing not-so-secret multiplayer testing that we are now actively developing for a future major release.

Have fun and continue reporting any issues!


  • Added sleeping animations and graphics.
  • Added difficulty rating in reputation tooltip based on reputation level.
  • You can now rename doodads directly (instead of having to pick them up as an item first).
  • Added transition effects to stat bar changes and animations for stat reductions.


  • Added ability for dismantle to work with items within containers in inventory.
  • The action menu now updates as you turn directions.
  • Plants will now spread to grass tiles again (except for non-spreading plants and growing grass).
  • Tilling grass will now attempt to dig it up.
  • Changed the tree bark to stripped bark recipe to be a dismantle action instead. You now receive two stripped bark on dismantle.
  • Music no longer fades out/in when browsing the changelog, returning to the main menu, saving, and other times when it’s not necessary.
  • Orb of Malign has been renamed to Orb of Influence.
  • Improved the skill description for mining to include digging (and new tilling inclusion).
  • The same sound effect can no longer play within 100ms of each other.
  • All official keybinds now include proper spacing between words. “LeftHand”, “RightHand”, “StarterQuest” are now “Left Hand, “Right Hand” and “Starter Quest”.
  • You can now import multiple save games from the Workshop at the time (currently only works for newer save games).
  • Fixed some equip/unequip grammar. Minor text fixes!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed occurrences of items not burning when thrown into lava. (Thanks cxkis!)
  • Fixed an issue where slimes could move positions on death. (Thanks GauHelldragon!)
  • Fixed an issue where some items could be created without proper disassembly ingredients/components (mostly waterskins).
  • Fixed instances where items that decayed into other items were getting incorrect weights. (Thanks GauHelldragon!)
  • Fixed torches to decay into charcoal instead of ash (to be consistent with their on burn property). (Thanks GauHelldragon!)
  • Fixed a bug that did not take into account a container’s contents when determining the weight when throwing it (for damage/restrictions).
  • Fixed switching a torch to another hand extinguishing it. (Thanks Adrien S Enzo!)
  • Fixed a control freeze that occurred when you received a hint at the same time as closing the hint/help window.
  • Fixed an issue where some messages were being removed/replaced when scrolling up in the message window (when populating past messages).
  • Fixed an issue that would potentially spawn creatures in wrong positions and cause incorrect particle locations when throwing items into deep water.
  • Fixed dismantling/disassembly only giving a skill gain if the skill used wasn’t defaulted to tinkering.
  • Fixed mods not loading properly if they had special characters in the names (such as “#”).
  • Fixed sound positions for creature actions (they came from the creature rather than the tile with the action).
  • Fixed a rare case where the hint/help window would be incorrectly sized when starting a new game (if a hint displayed on death).
  • Fixed the craftable/uncraftable separator being visible when filtering removes either section.


  • Woven fabric now requires 8 cordage items instead of 5 string to craft.
  • Feather and cotton bedrolls no longer require specifically woven fabric or cotton fabric respectively (any fabric will work now), but increased their required feather/cotton amount.
  • The hammock now requires a frame. Durability has been increased to 50 (from 25), requires 1 less rope (but an extra string), and requires 2 poles. Skill level reduced from advanced to intermediate.
  • Replaced strength/weight restrictions when throwing heavy items with stamina reductions based on the item’s weight.
  • Reduced overall damage caused by item’s weight when throwing (due to other throwing balancing changes). Container contents weight is halved in this calculation.
  • There is now a minimum of 1 damage caused by throwing any item (on hit).
  • Increased the weight of scales slightly.
  • The mining skill is now used in tilling (with a small chance at failing a till).
  • Increased health on grey wolves and sandcats slightly.
  • Slightly less reputation (benignity) is gained on hostile creature kills.


  • Added a KeyBind dictionary for language mods.
  • Added language extensions, a language json file that provides default translations for mod-added dictionaries or entries.

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