Beta 2.1.1 Released

We’ve been following along with all the issues players have been reporting so far with 2.1. We wanted to address them as soon as possible to let new and old players alike get the best possible experience with Wayward.

Please let us know if you find any other problems and we’ll be sure to get them fixed up ASAP as always.

We’ve also been working on an uncommon bug where the game won’t run all the time from Steam on certain Windows 7 configurations. Help us track this down if you are experiencing it!

There’s been some reports that running it from the folder directly has helped, or creating a shortcut to run the game as an administrator and running that through Steam has worked as well.


  • Removed malignity increase on digging.
  • Increased creature malignity spawning values (tougher creatures come in a bit later, depending on how you interact with the world).
  • Reduced tree bark weight (and thus the stripped bark that can be made from it).
  • Reduced weight for plant roots, sinew, mortar and pestles, and sundials.
  • Reduced weight in each step of turning a bone/bones into a bone pole, sharpened bone, then to a bone needle.
  • Reduced woven fabric string requirement by 1 string.
  • Decreased overall healing failure chance and disabled the ability fail when above 25% in skill.


  • Fixed a bug that could result in refined sand as being 0 or negative weight.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in some items giving double weight based on their components (bone needle).
  • Fixed an error when eating spider eggs.
  • Fixed a grammar issue with the “Set Down” item use.
  • No more Golden Wwords.
  • Possibly fixed some issues where music would skip back to the start of the song, and randomly change to a new track. Let us know if you are still getting this issue.


  • Upgraded to Electron 1.3.1. Unfortunately this didn’t help the Windows 7 issue as far as we can tell.

Obligatory Pokémon Go Reference

  • Minor text fixes.

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