Beta 2.0.4 Released

We’re coming at you again this weekend, hitting you with another fairly large patch. We’re nearly at “Zero Bugs™” now, and we hope to keep it that way. “Early Access®” doesn’t have to mean “Buggy Access©”, now does it?

We showed some love to Mac OS X this patch as well as added some additional modding support. We cleaned up a lot of inconsistencies as well. Like most of these patches, nearly everything came suggested/reported from the forums and community. Thanks again all!


  • Fixed error when preserving items that can decay but have no uses (Ectoplasm).
  • Fixed weight calculations when storing items in containers in containers in containers in…
  • Increased item sprite capacity to 16384 (from 512). You should now theoretically never have hidden items/objects on screen again.
  • Fixed an issue where most Mac OS X hardware displayed Wayward darker than intended.
  • Drinking snow from the ground is now consistent with drinking unpurified water.
  • Fixed scroll wheel zoom sensitivity on Mac OS X.
  • Fixed the raft counting weight while using it.
  • Fixed the raft not passing a turn when you stopped using it.
  • Fixed a bug where gathering treasure on top of a cave entrance would show a snare graphic. Wat?
  • Fixed the alternate font not being anti-aliased on Mac OS X.


    Further refinements to skill to talent increments (many skills lowered).


  • You can now collect chests, traps, walls, doors, and most player-made objects without hurting yourself (if you don’t use a tool).
  • Stoking Fire has been added to the Starter Quest. Other misc improvements/wording fixes in Starter Quest.
  • Normalized/balanced stoke fire values (and increased in most cases).
  • Starting fires no longer requires a fuel item. As such, the starting state of a fire is much weaker.
  • Lighting campfires, kilns, furnaces, etc. now produce only enough fire as what was provided by the tinder/kindling. You will need to stoke the fire further.
  • Torches and built torches (doodads) now function the same in terms of decay/length and burning into ash.
  • Adding “Fuel” to torches now gives decay based on their Stoke Fire value instead of a randomized amount.
  • Improved overall readability of text, quality of icons on hover, and other misc UI tweaks.
  • Replaced fonts for those with better multilingual support and readability.
  • Min/max durability now effected by disassembled item’s min/max durability. Max durability of crafted items now effected by consumed item’s min/max durability as well.


  • Added additional rendering hooks (GetAmbientColorCave, GetAmbientColorDay, GetAmbientColorNight, GetAmbientLightLevel, PostRenderWorld, PostRenderPostProces, PreRenderPostProcess).
  • Added BaseMod.getIndex and BaseMod.getPath for ease of mods to load custom assets.
  • [Developer Tools] Added a day-night slider. Dialog now automatically resizes as needed.
  • [Reincarnate] Fixed weight not resetting on death.
  • [Balancing Tools] Now locks monsters in place.

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