Beta 2.0.3 Released

Hey all, we’re proud to be dropping our largest “minor” patch to date. We’ve been busy taking suggestions, bug reports, and watching tons of let’s plays and streams to get some extra polish added to Wayward in preparation for a bit longer of a wait until 2.1, our first major patch for Wayward on Steam. By the looks of things, we will also be doing a 2.0.4.

We also just want to thank you all again for checking out Wayward in it’s early stages and appreciate your monetary support on Steam and giving us an extra reason to want to keep working on the project.

The full beefy changelog below:


  • Improved overall performance of the game.
  • The Starter Quest dialog open/close state is now saved.
  • You can no longer move over a Stone Water Still.
  • “Cork” is now mentioned in the Raw Clay Jug’s description.
  • Various Starter Quest improvements for new players. More information added on locations, quickslots, customising UI, using the Actions menu, and more.
  • All references of burning/pain now are “burned” and “burn injuries”. Also fixed a grammar issue with the burned death message.
  • Updated Sail to Civilization item text as it wasn’t accurate.
  • Improved accuracy of Stripped Bark/Tree Bark descriptions.
  • Fixed a cuple typoz here and ther3.
  • Trapdoor Spiders now reveal themselves on trample.
  • Better quality application icons added.
  • Folders in the mods folder without mod.json are no longer detected as mods.
  • Miscellaneous improvements to mod publishing pipeline.
  • “Pick-up Object” is now “Collect” to add more differing verbiage for doodads. A new message has been added for collecting.
  • You can now “Gather” Objects/Doodads as well.


  • Fixed mods not refreshing on Mac OS X.
  • Fixed an issue where the Steam Overlay would render too small.
  • Fixed being able to drop items into locked chests.
  • Fixed a bug where bag/container breaking would miss the first item in the bag to fall out.
  • Fixed issue where creature spawns were mostly concentrated to top-left or bottom-right, instead of all around.
  • Fixed full-screening the game window on Mac OS X not updating the display options setting.
  • Fixed a modding bug where worlds failed to load after removing mods with recipes.
  • Idling (using spacebar or clicking your character) will now pick-up items under you even if your Auto Pick-up is disabled.
  • Fixed where headers were cut off slightly in the Options menu.
  • Fixed various quick slot issues.
  • Fixed bug where Fire Elementals would never cause Burned status.
  • The “Bugs” hint now links to the to bugs forum on Steam.
  • Fixed an issue where middle clicking items could cause the item’s menu to freeze in place.
  • Fixed size of Wayward’s icon in Volume Mixer on Windows.
  • Fixed the default keybind button not always appearing in Options.
  • Fixed the Starter Quest dialog appearing when pressing J in item search boxes.
  • Fixed “Open Logs Folder” not actually opening logs folder.
  • Fixed “Open Mods Folder” not actually opening the mods folder.


  • Added Leather Hides to Rabbit corpses.
  • Decreased chance of spawning water creatures.
  • Creatures no longer spawn as much, and the speed/rate at which it increases to eventually has been limited further.
  • Creatures now have a higher chance to spawn a bit closer to you.
  • Added more base damage to traps (and less variable damage).
  • Increased starting creature population a bit.
  • Increased thirst and hunger rate slightly (decreased sleeping bonus for thirst/hunger rates).
  • Adjusted/increased talent rates for skills that are used to produce armor either indirectly or directly or are semi-related to combat.


  • Added an OnPlayerDamage mod hook.


  • Fixed Developer Tools errors after unloading mods.
  • Fixed issue when using the Nimbus while on a Raft in Troposphere.

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    • Unfortunately this is a limitation we are aware of. I’ll put together a guide on how to get modding set-up on the Linux side of things soon.


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