Beta 2.0.2 Released

Mondays suck! Let’s help you with that, with a Wayward patch! A huge shout-out to Spacetech, who went H.A.M. on this patch.

Versions 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 have both been constructed entirely from the community and forums. A big thank you to all that contributed your suggestions, complaints, and bug reports.

With 2.0.2 we can see some new additions and balance changes along with the normal bug fixes:


  • Reduced burning damage, duration, initial burn damage, and increased chance for effect subside to water.


  • Added option to enable / disable mouse movement.
  • Added “Scale In / Out” buttons to options. This is useful for high DPI or 4k monitors.


  • Burning pain is now explained a little more in the hints.
  • Hitting escape now closes the context menu first, then overlays and dialogs.
  • Fixed a typo in crafting hints.
  • Fixed some outdated information in the doodads hint.


  • Fixed errors when moving multiple items from a container to the inventory while another container is also opened.
  • Fixed context menus appearing off-screen when near the edge of the screen.
  • Fixed chest containers staying open after carving/gathering.
  • Fixed disassembling Stone Water Stills (and potentially other items too).
  • Crafting different states of water containers no longer repair them on craft.
  • Fixed errors when building Explosive Traps.
  • Map dialogs are now closed after gathering treasure.
  • Fixed Sundials working in caves.
  • Fixed reinforcing items failing to display a message when it doesn’t find an item to reinforce.
  • Fixed ‘ghost’ items on screen after closing a container dialog while dragging.
  • Fixed some cases of ‘Open Logs Folder’ not working.
  • Doubled item batch capacity. This should fix dropped items being invisible if there are too many on screen.
  • Fixed some potential saving issues with older save files.
  • Fixed a Cooked Spider burning into a Cooked Spider (infinite fuel source).

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