Beta 2.0.1 Released

Happy Saturday all!

We’ve been busy getting some “day 1” patches ready for ya’ll. In no particular order:


  • Improved wayward.log file. It now outputs the full stack-trace of errors when they arise. This will make it easier for us to debug future issues.
  • Added red highlighting if the required doodad for an item is missing in the crafting tooltip.
  • Removed weird tray icon on Mac OS X version.
  • Added additional error protection when using unknown items (due to unloaded mods/other issues).
  • Added a zoom-factor flag for those who want increased UI/font sizes. A more finalised implementation will be added in a future patch.


  • Fixed music stopping at the end of the track list.
  • Fixed the Display Mode button showing you’re windowed when you’re actually fullscreened in the Options menu.
  • Fixed the crafting dialog appearing blank after playing subsequent games without restarting the game.
  • Fixed “Gather Treasure” not working when Tattered Maps are in player containers.
  • Fixed crafting/quickslot errors with water containers/torches when the original item is in a quickslot.
  • Fixed some bad quotes in Starter Quest quest.

More changes and fixes are coming! We wanted to get a start on the major bugs for now.

If you want to use the new zoom feature, it’s a bit technical, but here goes:

You’ll need to go in Wayward’s folder in Steam. To do this, you can right-click Wayward in your game library. Click on Properties then head to the “Local files” tab. From there you can “Browse local files”. In the folder, you’ll see a launch_options.json file. You’ll need to edit/open this with a text editor (Notepad). You will see a zoomFactor option with a “:1” beside it. Simply change that “1” to a new value, like 1.2, 1.5, or even 2 (if you are running 4k for example). Save/overwrite the file, and launch Wayward!

Again, this is just a temporary fix, we’ll be adding it to the in-game options as well.

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