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    Cyber Helix

    So since the forums are dead most of the time and no one seems to be talking about their games much, I’ve decided to make up some challenges for players. These are not maps like JamesIII’s stuff, but things to try and stick to as playing the game for extra challenge. Feel free to add your own challenges to the topic, or talk about how you’re doing with one.

    Description: You have a bad problem with blood lust. In retrospect, you’re fairly sure this is part of the reason your ship crashed. Now you’re on your own on this island full of fell beasts. Will your thirst for blood lead you to conquest, or to your death?
    – Once you attack or are attacked something, the actual challenge begins.
    – Once you have attacked or been attacked, you must kill all nearby, unless they are ridiculously strong (As in, you have entirely no hopes of defeating them.)
    – You can abstain from attacking if you have been reduced to at least 10% of your original health. You have to finish killing your current target however.
    – The challenge lasts a whole game. See how far you can get!

    “Peace and Harmony”
    Description: Before you went on this voyage, you were a staunch pacifist. A dangerous island alone isn’t enough to make you abandon those beliefs. Run from it, swim from it, block it off, but for the love of Gumangi, don’t hurt it.
    – You are not allowed to attack any living creatures.
    – Fish, for the sake of not driving the player crazy, can be attacked without issue; it’s assumed you’re fishing them out.
    – You are allowed to attack living rocks, ghosts, giant mushrooms, and similar things; as far as your character is concerned, those aren’t living creatures. However, this will be slightly difficult due to the fact that…
    – You are not allowed to have weapons. Your character doesn’t need them, so he wouldn’t make them. You are allowed to have weapons that have a main function as tools, but that’s all.

    More to come as I think them up, or people add them.

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